Mission accomplished

Reached my goal weight of 10 st ( 140 lbs ) this morning, after 17 weeks on the nhs plan. Yay.

Total weight lost is 37 lbs. Dropped 2 dress sizes and aches and pains in hip have disappeared.

However I have been on this loss, gain journey many times over the years, but this time I am determined to keep it off by staying on a healthy eating plan. I shall still use this site for advice and motivation to stay on track and a big thank you to all who kept me motivated.....:)


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11 Replies

  • Well done, its great isn't it. Hopefully the fact you look & feel good will be motivation enough. I found I do eat less now and with exercise - I did c25k- running etc it stayed off. (although I did just put on 2 kilo whilst on holiday for 3 weeks! but it has already started to go.)

  • Thanks, yes I do feel 10 years younger, I'm 61 and can keep up with the toddler grandkids much better now. Spent 8 days in Tenerife last month, luckily did'nt gain any weight. I put it down to all the walking I did, lol

    My real challange starts now, maintenance is the hard part, but I am making this a life time commitment and x fingers I won't relapse.

    Best of luck to all of us.....xx

  • That's incredible, and in 17 weeks especially!!! Super well done & super inspiring. I am just reviving my diet journey, so a long way to go for me yet. In the past when I have got down to a healthy weight I too have struggled to maintain, so I look forward to hearing how you get on, & any tips you you uncover as to how to best maintain a good weight. For now though, a little celebration is in order before you think about all of that, congratulations!

  • Congratulations on getting there and good luck with the maintenance. I'll be looking for advice from you when I get to that point so let us know how you do!

  • Well done on reaching your goal!! You should be really proud of yourself :-)

  • I am nearly there but you are right to identify that in order to keep your weight down you have to permanently change your eating habits. I weigh every day in order to keep on the straight and narrow.

    Its a lifetime journey, you can't take time off in order to become fat again.

  • We are like recovering alcoholics! I have maintained for a year using the Monday weigh in thread, well done great effort!

  • Thanks Raj and Prin. I will join the thread you mention. Had a meal out with hubby last night, just a cjicken casserole type main course, andna few glasses of wine,. Woke up this morning worried about weight gain, to find had lost 1 lb. Will add 100 calories to maintenance plan and see what happens....

    Tried to edit typos, but can't, using a tablet......can edit on some sites but not on others..

  • Congratulations and well done. X

  • You are an amazing lady - well done you!! super rate of loss and you have inspired me to keep going. I think it sounds like you have healthy eating and exercise as a way of life now. I agree that the hardest thing is keeping it going - I too am determined that this is the last time I have to lose three stone! It's ok to indulge occasionally so long as you compensate for it immediately. Well done and enjoy the new you!

  • Whoop that is wonderful well done enjoy this wonderful achievement and success AWESOME efforts and what a lovely legacy of dedication + determined = DONE now for new goals :) exciting as

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