Contraception whilst overweight/obese

Hi all

I don't consider myself to be what you'd call obese but in terms of BMI, I am.

I was wondering if anyone would give advice as to what contraceptives they're on if they're severely overweight. I was prescribed the mini pill but am dubious to trust it incase its effectiveness is altered due to the excess chub!

Thanks in advance


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9 Replies

  • Hi,

    I was constantly told I had to have the pill because I was hugely overweight, but when I spoke to a doctor, he was disgusted how some doctors judge overweight people, in the end I had the Miranda coil fitted and its the best decision I made.

  • Have been on this for almost 6 months now and it works a treat!

  • I had a Mirena coil fitted at the beginning of April. Really not good for me at all and am looking forward to having it taken out. I don't like taking hormones anyway and especially oestrogen. I definitely put on even more excess weight and am fighting hard to lose it. I have managed 1st 1 lb in the first 6 weeks of the 12 week programme, but it is very hard work. I hope getting my Oestrogen levels down will help lose some more weight.

  • Whoever prescribed this form of contraception should be aware of the ins and outs. Go back to him/her and ask!

  • I work in the contraception service and the mini or progesterone only pill, is completely safe no matter what your weight. If you struggle with time keeping Desogestrel ( Cerezette, Desorex or Cerelle) all have a twelve hour window in which to take them. I suggest you attend a contraception and sexual health clinic as they are more up to date with current methods than many GP's, if you want more information.

  • Thank you so much

  • Hi, I am about 6 stone overweight, obese. I am on mire a coil, which is different to normal coils. it produces a hormone in area of the coil. it's best to have if you have had kids, as your uterus has been opened I think. It's haven't had kids,,so it was painful for me. You are best to go to a Family Planning Clinic, your GP should know your local one and they would advise you as to what's best for you. Good luck.

  • Sorry it's mirena coil like previous person put. Added bonus is that you end up with very faint or no periods, yea,, what a plus.

  • I have the implant. Is basically same thing as the mini pill but MUCH smaller dose (63 mg for 3 years not 75 mg a day, and that my friends, is how much your body destroys before it gets to your blood!) and no remembering to take it and fetching new every 6 month. Also lower dose and thus less metabolites seems to have cut back on the side-effect spots. I feel less teenage ;) Didn't particularly hurt and also isn't as freaky feeling as I thought it would be.

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