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Week 3

Weight change: -0.5kg (-1.1lbs)

Waist change: +.5cm

Up'd the calories a bit more and it looks like I over did it this time!

Concerns? A few:

Have I figured out where the balance is? I think so. Week 2 felt good and had results. I should go back there. That said i need to replace gym with work a few days this week. That isn't going to help.

How can I deal with weekends and social eating? Had lots of great suggestions. Suggesting restaurants I already know and inviting people home seem the way to go.

How can I get over my secret jealousy of my past life in which I felt perpetually full. I loved that feeling. I don't have a suggestion for this...

The good stuff:

Despite the waist going slightly rounder, the trousers have begun to slip off. Yay!

Roll on, week 4!

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I find it a lot harder to stay on track at weekends, and when eating out etc too. I just try to remind myself my previous eating habits were unhealthy, and now they are not, but this doesn't mean never enjoying food. I can still go out for a burger once in a while, because I'm not stuffing my face with biscuits every day. Also, the longer you stick to it, the more full you will feel even when restricting calorie intake as your body gets used to it, which may reduce that jealous feeling! Also, what feels better, eating a big fat donut, or thinking "I might have to buy some smaller trousers soon!"

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Thanks a bunch, this got me through this weekend! Muffin money went into the piggy bank for a spanking new pair of jeans and I am aiming for a price range I would not usually go for as a treat! Eek. I can't wait. I wonder how many more weeks before I drop a dress size!


I'm finishing my week 2 this week and I'm loosing weight sturdily I've been loosing 2 lbs a week and my week ends are my weakness! I try to be careful during the day but still eat healthily of course. Last week end we had a Chinese take away on Friday night and some wine. I had a few drinks on Saturday but a healthy dinner. Sunday pretty good day but Kfc on the night and I have still lost 2lbs this week. Just have some treats in moderation. I hope it helps


Thanks! I do try to do things in moderation but sometimes that makes me focus on the one thing I am trying not to focus on :D I made it through this weekend reasonably well again though. Saturday was a slow day so we had home cooked food which is always good. We spent most of Sunday at a sealife and I, quite frankly, spent most of the time either containing my daughter's excitement or her fear which took my mind off things. That coupled with the nice long walks and I am looking forward to some good news this wednesday I hope!


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