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I started my fitness and weight reduction plan on the 08.08.2014. I started at 12s 13.50 and I am now 11s 6.00. My target is 11s 00. I have abstained from alcohol , avoided processed food and tried to screen out all sugar, except that found naturally in fruit. One thing that helped me a lot was changing from wholemeal wheat based bread to rye bread. It's just as filling but with less calories. I also started checking bread packages for the sugar content ( g/100 g serving) and I was astonished at the amount of sugar in some types of bread. The one I use at the moment is 0.7 g/100 g serving but I have seen a number of health looking bread packets with a sugar content of 3.6 g/100 g serving. My journey has so far taught me two things. Firstly, that diet is the most important factor and much more important than exercise but above all you have to be highly motivated and persistent and not be deterred by day to day setbacks.

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Hi rajabalzarahni,

I kind of disagree, or at any rate my experience was kind of different.

Once I had taken the 'leap' and made the decision to take control of my weight, I was actually quite surprised at how easy it was to lose that extra weight. I rather expected that it was going to be like some awful medieval monastic penitential fast that went on and on endlessly and be really hard work.

It was nothing like that at all. In fact it was rather interesting and even exciting, finding out the realities about what I was eating and discovering better ways to cook, better ways to plan food and better ways to portion food. It really changed my whole approach to food / eating.

And it's amazing what you can find out from the back of packets about portion sizes / calorie content / sugar and fat content. And that's easy enough to find online if there is no 'packet', too.

On everything else you say, I agree fully. And very well done for taking control of your eating habits and your body weight.

Those new eating habits of yours will serve you well, keeping your body fat percentage down and reducing your risks of experiencing a big range of health problems.


With which element do you disagree ?


I guess I didn't feel it took that much determination, except at the beginning. It took something I guess to dare to get on the "weight loss bus". But actually riding it wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared.

I suppose that starting the process was more, for me, a matter of realisation. The penny dropped that there was only one person who was responsible for my excessive body weight and there was only one person that was going to do anything about it .... me.


I think I'd agree with that. Maybe the determination is in taking it seriously - the weight loss - then dealing with strategies for doing this in good heart.


I think you've done really well, im starting soon. Want to set a start date and prepare so I don't get the chance to stray. Good luck with the rest of your journey :-)


Motivation is half the battle with weight loss. Most people associate it with just the physical, but you have be mentally in the game to succeed. As with other things in life its important to take a moment to actually write down some goals and then I'd further suggest writing 50 reasons why you need to achieve the goal. This will ensure your mind and body are on the same page and if you start to waiver at any point you'll have 50 reasons to remind you why you started.

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Well done, not far to go now to your goal. You are right: we have to be aware of what is in the food we eat e.g. carb content. One day I too will be near my goal!


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