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I am a Type 2 Diabetic............help!

I am slowly putting on weight and cannot seem to control my eating, I just feel as if I need to settle on an eating plan and stick to it !!! I am heavier now than I have been for years. I was 8st 10lbs when first diagnosed as diabetic (approx. 5 yrs ago) I kept my weight steady for 4 yrs but I seem to get real cravings for sugar and bread lately. I am not as committed to the gym and my running as I was and I'm sure that this doesn't help. I am 57yrs old and am getting really scared that my weight and eating is getting out of control. I tried Paleo for 3 weeks and the weight started to come off, then I went to a wedding and 'fell off the wagon' I would like to try Low Carb High fat eating but I am worried about how that would affect my cholesterol. It has always been low (3.6) Is there anyone out there who could get me back on track.....please

Kazz :-)

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They say LCHF doesn't affect cholesterol, especially if you make an effort to eat lots of good fats- oily fish, avocado, coconut oil, almonds etc. For me, any risk of cholesterol is lower than the risk of remaining obese, so I am giving it a go.

Could you get your cholesterol checked before and after a couple of months and see if it changes?

I have made an FB chat page if you'd like to join us. Tell me your email address and I'll join you up. There are just a few of us, some brand new, others have been doing it a while.

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thank you so much for that !! Thanks for the suggestion about getting it checked before/after



It's the cravings for sugar and bread which are the problem, as you've identified. Some of the advice given for diabetic people by those who really should know better, is wrong.

Bread is digested very quickly and causes your blood-sugar levels to shoot up. Sugar - well, what's to say about sugar. It goes straight to the blood-stream! If you must eat carbs, eat them in moderation and choose the ones that are digested slowly.

It's now thought that sugar is addictive, hence the cravings. More and more research findings are coming out which show that fat is not the baddie it was once thought. Highly-processed and hydrogenated fats are far worse than natural fats e.g. butter.


If you decide to go low carb, it's probably best to go for a gradual reduction. Have a look at Dr. Briffa, who has some interesting articles on Low Carb and type 2.



Thank you Penel, my reading for this evening


If you pour water into your petrol tank, would it be good for your car? It needs proper fuel. We need proper fuel too. Modern tampered, processed food has most, if not all of the goodness taken out of it. But it is also what they put into it. Why are some foods so desirable, it is because of the chemicals that are added to it. They target the same part of the brain that cigarettes, alcohol and hard drugs do. We are being drugged by our food and we don't know it. If you think that sounds ridiculous, then you need to start reading, because then you will see that it is true. I didn't believe it 10 months ago. I have read extensively since then.

We are dying slowly though lack of proper nutrition. It won't happen over night but over decades. If it comes in a packet, a bottle or a jar, watch out. If you don't understand the list of ingredients, watch out. Do some reading on line about your condition, read extensively. Diabetes can be cured and don't let anyone tell you that it can't. There is a huge amount of evidence that it can.

Watch "Curing Diabetes in 30 days" (on-line) it is a film about 6 people with diabetes. Some obese - type 2 and some not - type 1. It makes for very interesting viewing. Also watch "Fat, sick and nearly Dead", not wishing to scare you, it is a film by an Australian man, named Joe Cross, who went on a juicing diet. Not only did he lose weigh but most, I think all of his health issues disappeared. It is amazing what is in good natural food. Check out "Food Matters" and "Forks over Knives". There are many books, film, videos etc out there by some truly inspirational people.

I have lost over 3 stone by eating fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. I did have other foods, but in smaller amounts. I have got rid of my hip bursitis, cleared up inflammation in my neck and face and got rid of the sensitivity in my teeth, which I have had for over 20 years. By the way, not through any advice that came from a Dr or a dentist. They are not trained in nutrition and do not understand its power, I was unaware of this at the start of 2014. Look and see how many people in the medical profession are overweight, that should give you a clue as to how much they understand! The NHS is staffed by many sick people, why is that, because they don't understand the power of natural food.

In a nutshell, eat as much raw (ideally organic) whole, fresh, natural food that you can. cut out as much sugar, processed food and drink as you can. It will not happen over night and you will fall off the wagon, but if you keep going you will see and feel the results.

Also check out Phillip Day, he is journalist who writes extensively about health issues. He is very interesting. Good luck on your journey.


wow thank you PJS58 , I am overwhelmed at the support I have been given from this forum. I'll be back in a week or so to let you know how I am doing ,



HFLC should only affect your Cholesterol in a good way!

Cholesterol levels are not normally affected directly by dietary cholesterol, it's a myth, a throwback to 90's health advice of eating too many eggs etc, the cholesterol being measured is produced by your own body and is essential to life, it's not consumed. Poor cholesterol health is though most of the time a result of a poor diet but most now believe that Carbohydrate is more likely to be the culprit rather than Fat.

To add to the confusion, the tests done by a lot of western health services including the NHS are now believed to be outdated and therefore obsolete as they don't provide enough information. The test does not distinguish between the different types of LDL, namely the Dense Particle LDL which is the one the one that is inflammatory and does the damage.

Someone on a High Fat diet is likely to have increased levels of good LDL because in simple terms, that LDL is a vehicle that distributes fat and cholesterol (amongst other things) around the body, so if you are eating more fat you are going to have more vehicles on your distribution network.

It's quite a controversial subject at the moment especially with Statins etc.


thank you OlsBean really interesting, I have an apt with my Diabetic nurse next week to get some readings as a starting point. Fasting blood test etc I feel really positive about this and I feel as if I have had mt mind put at rest regarding the high fat concern . I'll let you know how I get on :-)


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