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Week 9.....her I come!!

So I'm just saying bye to week 8 and 9 awaiting my presence!!

Can any one give words of advice ? Tips ? How they have managed on this NHS plan......... I've lost 12.1/2lbs in 8wks & chuffed to bits,because it's been hard,but also easy !!! If you stick to your calories and do the exercise it seems to work....

I feel so much better I just don't want to fall of the wagon !!!!!!

How should I approach this ?

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Wow, well done - you've done really well so far. I'm just about to complete week 6 and have lost a stone so far. I think it is definitely getting harder for me now - so I imagine you are in the same boat. By harder I mean the weight loss is slowing. I think although this is a 12 week plan it is about breaking old bad habits and sticking to the plan, more or less, as a way of life. Keep focussed on your target and try experimenting with new foods, that's what I did around week 4 when I was getting a bit bored of my standard salads for lunch. I spent a long time browsing the supermarket to look for other foods that were tasty but not high in calories. That has helped to keep my interest up. Treat yourself when you reach certain goals. When I had lost a stone I went out and treated myself to some beauty products, such as a bottle of 'nail envy' and some luxurious spa bath salts.


Good for you,I know I am a sad,but I have been calorie counting and realty counting everything,even the thorn tons Choc with a cuppa.today I write down turnip with 2 teaspoons of margin to mash,my turnip has gone brown so I threw it away,can't wait to alter my tracker as I now have green beans,a lot less calories.now how sad is that,but its working.Google gives some good easy low Cal recipies if you want them


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