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First post to forum. Weighed in at 17st13 lb today and aim to lose 6st7lbs to get down to a healthy weight. Seems like a mountain but it's got to be climbed. I know that losing weight helps joints etc which are now beginning to complain under the load I am carrying and through arthritis.. Weight has piled on since I stopped cycling after doing a charity ride from John o Groats to Lands End in 2012. - thus the Jogler name. May have to dust off the bike again and set another goal. Good luck to everyone doing their own personal weight loss challenge.


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  • Good luck Jogler - i also joined today and currently have a think about what exercise i should be taking up.

  • Exercise is important but you need to run the equivalent of a marathon to lose a pound of fat so make sure you count those calories too! Good luck

  • Thanks Prin. I will take that into account.

  • Thanks FiFiGirl54. I have cycled on and off for most of my life so I expect that's what I will take to again. We also have a Golden Retriever who is only a young 17 month old so she needs a decent walk every day which all helps. I hope you find something you enjoy. Good luck with your own journey.

  • Hey hope all goes well! I've just joined up 8st to loose :-(

    It's a huge challenge but 1 that is possible!!

    Good luck

  • Please feel free to join the Monday weigh- in thread, post your weight and your goals for the week ahead (no we don't always achieve them)

  • May well do that Prin. Will look for the thread on Monday evening

  • My target to lose is 8 1/2 stone. 9 weeks in and I have lost 2 stone 4 1/2 lbs x

  • That's amazing should feel very proud of that. Any tips? Good luck and keep doing whatever it is you're doing as it is obviously working for you.

  • Slimming world is amazing. All I'm doing is eating plenty of fruit, making meals from scratch, always having my days good prepared. Drinking lots of water too xx

  • I lost about 5st previously through slimming world back in 2011 so I know it does work even if I did end up putting it back on. I am kind of following there plan loosely again, like I did last time, though I tend to have green days more than red as don't really tend to eat much meat. More into fruit, salads and veggies. The water is a good tip as if I remember it can stop you feeling hungry and you're meant to drink loads of water. Slimming world also has loads of good recipes I seem to recall and lots of inspiring stories in the magazine.

  • They have this easy extra option instead of red/green days. It's really good. I'm just enjoying all the new reciepies and it's working for me x

  • Do you go along to the slimming world meetings or are you doing it online? I used to go to the local group for weigh ins and it did act as a bit of an incentive knowing you had a weigh in looming. I may think about joining again but would really like to try and lose it myself this time if I can first. If I find it's not shifting I will bite the bullet and go along again.

  • As I say I did this for a month and lost 8lb but was only coz a friend asked me if I wanted to go slimming world with her. I got to group and find staying after weigh in helps too. I wish you the best of luck and if you need. Chat I'm here

  • Thanks Littlekym28. I'll remember that.

  • Good luck with that Swilkoes. I lost a lot of weight before so know that I can do it. I am sure you can too. Just take each day at a time.

  • Thank you :-)

  • Hi Jogler, that's quite a bit of weight to shift, but take your time with it. Aim for an average weekly weight loss of about 1 to 2 lbs - maximum 1kg (2.2 lbs). But that's an average, not a fixed weekly target! The important thing is to get yourself into some good healthy eating habits and to leave your current eating habits - the ones that have left you that amount overweight - behind.

    Just imagine not having to carry all that extra weight around 24/7 - it will feel fabulous!

    Lots of good and free advice on the NHS live well lose weight web pages and also on their pages about healthy eating. Especially when you cut down your food intake in order to reduce weight, it's important to ensure you are taking in the full range of nutrients that your body needs to function optimally.

    Good luck with it.

  • Thanks returner. I will take all of those tips onboard. I am viewing it more as a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

  • Hi Jogler, good luck with your weight loss. I have started my weight loss journey too (approx 1 hour ago) and like you have 6stone 7 lbs to lose!!! Arthritis a real pain now so it's time to do what is necessary to feel good again

  • Good luck with your own weight loss suzanne64. 6st7lbs seems like a lot, but it has too be done. I am treating it more as a bit of a lifestyle change rather than a diet. That way I hope this time around I will keep it off. If you suffer from arthritis you will know what a pain it can be and carrying around the equivalent of several sacks of potatoes can't make it any easier. I hope you have had a good first day and are not too hungry.

  • Good luck

  • Thanks Tilly2488

  • Best of luck. If you can do John o Groats to Lands End by bike then you understand the issues of persistence and motivation. Whatever your diet or exercise regime, your mind set is clearly the most important factor

  • Thanks for your kind comments rajabalzarahni

  • Good on you for starting,I am about the same as you,2 years ago I started at 21 stone got down to 16.4 put 2 stone back on last year,but just got the bull by the horns and off to a good start of 2 kilos a week loss.that's down to serious calorie counting.keeping everything in a posket size note book,also got pocket size Cal's and carbs book.went out last night to an Italian.looked at the menu,had 4 g/ts and went somewhere between 100 and 200 Cal's over but that was because the menu stated under 300 for the starter and under 600 for main ,so I may not have been any work out what's best for you .x

  • Thanks westonmill. I know what it's like to lose and then put on as that's exactly what has happened to me. As you say it's just a matter of grasping the metal again and going for it. Good luck with your continuing journey. I hope the Italian meal was nice -could just do with a G&T right now.

  • Yea it was,today I have chicken,no potatoes,and I only do enough for hubby no extras,I was going to have turnip with 2 spoons of margin to mash with,but the turnip was on the turn so I swamped the turnip for green beans along with peas carrots and parsnips,the sad thing is I can't wait to take the 2 spoons of margin off my food plan,now how sad is that,I am vastly becoming a calorie counting freak.but hay ho its working ,get the metal out and go for it

  • Sounds low cal and tasty Westonmill. I had a pasta with a tomato based sauce. Used pasta a lot when I lost last time around. It works well depending on what you put with it and it's very filling.

  • I just don't think about a target weight such as "I've got to lose X stone" it just doesn't do it for me, too depressing! What I did was in June when I started out I weighed 18 stone 4.5 lbs so my goal was to get below the 18's into the 17's. My next target was to get below 17 stone 11 lbs (half a stone) and then 17st 4.5 lbs. (the stone). These were achievable goals and I never even gave a target weight any thought.

    My goal for this coming week is to be below 14 stone, so doing well and because I am only taking small steps I am able to stay focused but am still not thinking of a target. It's too far ahead and I know that by making realistic goals I am more destined to succeed.

    I also tend to avoid the carbs such as pasta. I have a gadget peeler that shaves raw veggies such as carrot, turnips, courgettes, pumpkin, squash etc into spaghetti type strands (and sometimes just use a potato peeler for making veggie ribbons) and use it as a substitute for pasta. It's far more tasty with your sauces rather than bland pasta.

    Hope this all helps and good luck.

  • Thanks Candystripe that's a tip worth remembering. I will give that a try.

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