Feeling good

Hey everyone, so far I have lost about a stone - I still have lots to go but I am feeling better. I am keeping on track with calorie intake and I am actually keeping it about 1000 but I am so full so don't need more! I only put on 3 pounds on holiday - but I have lost that and an extra couple of pounds!!

I am now up to running .6 of a mile without stopping!! Which I am chuffed about :)

Maybe this will help me get there :)


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  • well done you - that's fantastic! sounds like you have formed all the new good habits you need. :-)


  • You've mirrored my current situation a bit. I can feel your joy! Well done you! I was as elated as you a week or so ago at having lost consistently and recovered from the odd blip. Have to say now though that I'd welcome a kick up the **** because although I'm being sensible, I seem not to be losing so consistently. I don't feel as excited in general about the process. I've decided not to weigh in till Oct 31st in the hopes that the bit I've probably put on will have gone by then. I'll be gutted if it hasn't!!! And I feel a bit of a yo yo . . . . . I've lost over 20 lbs from my heaviest, but this psychological plateau is a bit worrying. Any ideas????

  • Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether the plateau causes the discontent, or vice-versa. A plateau can't really be established after only a week, and your quickness to think that suggests either experience is leading you to 'here we go again', or you feel depleted because you've cut back too far.

    You're best to decide on your own changes that you enjoy, so you want to stay with them. I'd suggest that one week per month you up your intake, not so much that you regain weight, enough to prevent your body thinking it's starving. Eat real food, that will spoil if left. Reduce your consumption of foods that stimulate insulin and IGF1.

    Good luck!

  • I weigh in regularly, if you take your eye off the ball, in my case that's where I start gaining....

  • Thanks for taking the time to contact. You're right and I have done the right thing and weighed in this morning. I've been less focused than I should have been and paid a small price. But, I've had a word with myself and following your words too, will be back on track today. Have had lots of socialising and eating out events involving wine lately so, could have been worse! As a matter of interest are you someone who's achieved a goal or are you losing still? Thanks again!

  • I had lost weight twice before in the last 13 years and gone from 17.5 to 12.5 then in the course of a few years crept back to 15.5 got down to 13.5 then within a couple of years was back to 14.5, took the bull by the horns last year and got down to 11st 3lbs BMI of just under 25 last autumn and have been maintaining since then, with ups and downs for holidays latterly my weight is usually 10 10, but I use the weigh in thread every Monday ......

  • 10.10 is brilliant! I'll be turning to you again when I flounder!

  • That's good advice and thank you for taking the trouble to be in touch. I appreciate hearing from you. I get what you're saying, and am now becoming quite educated on the insulin bit. I miss (I suppose) that excitement of a weekly weigh in where I'm confident I've lost, and am rewarded with the loss itself. I'm a jeans size down and that feels the "norm" now. On another note I'm not someone who feels deprived as such, just more to do with not feeling the joy! Hope I'm making sense! I made some veggie soup yesterday so I'm all meal-planned for today and tomorrow. I'll get over this I know, but thanks again for sharing. It does make a difference.

  • Hello all, thank you for your kind words. My eating plan is simple less caleries. I eat porridge for breakfast, soup at lunch, then some grilled meat and salad for dinner. I know there will be times the weight loss will be less but generally I am feeling healthier and more active so therefore feel good :)

  • That's brilliant,but don't be hard on yourself if you use a few more calories from time to time.as you have to vairy your food and not get bored.as long as you still calorie count it will be fine.I love my meatballs but since calorie counting 6 is how many I had,there using up too many calories so I worked it out,4 is plenty,leaving enough calories for fruit and a coffee with coffee mate early in the evening and still a few calories under.I invested in a carbs&Cal's pocket counter.put everything in a small note book.food plan at the front ,notes at the back,all my working out at the back,this is were I worked out the calories in my meatballs.its good to refer to.sad I k ow but its working x

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