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Full to Busting!

Well I'm into day three and I'm extremely surprised as to how well fed I feel! I'm actually starting to worry that I'll weigh in next week and find that my weight hasn't budged!

I've definitely eliminated some of my snacks and seeing the calories I eat helps me to make healthier choices, but so far I seem to be doing well.

I think for me exercise mainly is the key to losing weight so I need to remember to keep that up (I have an exercise bike at home that I've been using). Fingers crossed that I keep feeling this good! :)

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Great to hear you are adapting so well. I am sure you will see a loss next weigh-in! I know if I could ditch all those sweets I would feel better too ...

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Dear Zenette, is that why you didn't weigh in this week??? Missed you!


The main reason is because I have been stagnating in my weight and eating habits!

I am thinking of making a new start, a new week 1 and do it from the beginning, using what I have learned about myself and correcting my devious ways better!


Oh dear Zenette I was being flippant, I'm sorry. Didn't actually think you were struggling. Is there anything that I say or do to help you turn this around? Have you put on much? It is recoverable you know and with a fresh start it can all be turned around. Don't forget Xmas is looming and how good you would feel if you could approach that season with renewed confidence. Think back to the hopes and dreams that were yours when you first started out and how good you felt. It's like riding a bike or a horse and falling off............you just have to put it in the past, get back on and start over. You have my undivided support, so perhaps you could try and convince yourself that from Monday you're going for it. Please keep in touch and good luck X


Thanks for your unwavering support, just what I needed!

I haven't put on or lost: stuck in limbo.

Now I want to become unstuck, badly. Enough of this stagnation! Christmas is looming!

I want to start again on Week 1, and this time be really serious about my commitment.

I hope you are on a roll (not a fat roll)!


Well that's great that you haven't gained, well done!!! If I get to the stage where nothing much seems to be happening then I change things around. For two days I will up my calories by 100-200, make a change in what I eat for breakfast and/or lunch then drop back to my normal routine for the remainder of the week and it appears to work for me. That way I believe that I have tricked those enzymes into working harder on the fat!

I'm definitely on a non-fat roll, but need to try harder with losing the bingo wings! Lost four stone now since the beginning of June but recently fell and damaged my abdo muscles (beside cuts on the face!) and told by the doc not to exercise for a month so quite despondent. I have however been able to walk and sleep again so just holding out for any weight loss at all which I have managed to achieve so far. Now moving back to the UK at the end of this month so lots to keep me active, such as book into box, down and up, another book into box, down & up etc etc lol!!!

I do so hope that you will join us again Monday for Lowcals weigh in I really have missed your posts. Good luck and with you every step of the way X


Thanks again, Candystripe. I will become a 'regular' again at the weigh-ins, etc.

I need to decrease my cals by a few hundred though!

Good luck with the move(I am moving flat too early Jan). Take care of those abs muscles though. A big congratulations on your fantastic weight loss.

New week, new beginning!


Hi Sir1988,

It's almost frightening how quickly you can adapt to new ways of eating. When I began, I thought losing my excess weight was going to be some sort of journey to hell and back, like some sort of medieval penitential purging of sin by starvation.

It was just so not like that!

You usually find that, quite quickly, as you change your habits, your tastes change too. I truly just could not bring myself to eat various things nowadays, that I would have scoffed down without a second thought a couple of years ago.


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