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going down

I have lost a stone 14lbs amazing as I'm the not the fittest bloke on the bloke, but I do go some times to the gym, my bike has played apart as well.

If I can lose weight so can everyone because motivation is not my strong point and it is not easy, but I've started I still have a mountain to get rid of but I've proved to myself I can do it and strange to relate the pain in hip has lessened. So to all you good people who fight with motivation just a little now and then but often.


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Thanks, just what we need to hear: that it is possible for all of us to lose weight.

Despite not exercising hugely, you obviously have got the eating right (which is he biggest factor anyway for weight loss_.


Hi granddad,

It's mainly about taking control of your eating - though upping your exercise/activity levels helps the process by helping to change your hormones. As these control many aspects of the functioning of your body, including such things as feelings of hunger and satiation and fat storage and fat burning, it's pretty hard to lose weight just by diet alone.

But, to flip that on its head, I would agree with others on this board that trying to exercise your excess weight away is rarely fruitful - unless the basic control of your eating is in place. In fact, it's quite easy to believe you are exercising to lose weight and just do yourself harm by excessively exercising and straining.

My basic advice would be to primarily see exercise as a route to being fitter, i.e. to improve your strength, stamina, or flexibility.

And upping your exercise / activity levels - i.e. putting your body under a bit more physical pressure than it is used to, could mean all sorts of non-exercise / non-sporty things, like DIY, gardening, car-washing, getting off the bus a stop or two early and walking the difference, shunning the lift and taking the stairs, etc., etc.

And I totally agree, almost always, weight loss (as in reducing excessive body fat) is totally do-able and once you get into the habit of your new eating habits, it's actually a lot easier than many people expect and certainly a lot easier than I ever expected before I did it.


Hear hear. I've lost about a pound a month for 2 years. Slow but its going DOWN not up. I'm noticeably better than I used to be.


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