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What To Do For Weight Loss Process | The Complete Report of the Study By Venus Factor Scam

What To Do For Weight Loss Process | The Complete Report of the Study By Venus Factor Scam

For the weight loss process you have to stay in a warm environment if you do a lot of sports, if you need to drink plenty of water 1-2 hours in advance. Sweat, is hypotonic relative to the body fluid. Therefore, compared with sweat from the body of salt, more water is lost; thus salt concentrations in body fluids in environments increases. In this case, a person does not need to be more salt.

However, in such an environment too hot for longer than a week to work in the form of a thick broth with salt to food when it is useful; precompetition meal is less than the amount of protein in the urine also prevents more water to be thrown. Just due to this, the nutritional team of Venus Factor Program concluded that, the Excess water at all times, less water should be noted that the administration is more useful. In hot environments, racing and training athletes should pay attention to during the policy can be listed as follows:

•It should not be taken more than the amount of sugar for beverages; temperature should be between 8-13 ° C.

•Volume prepared to pass liquid sugar water, honey + water, compote, lemon tea and so on etc) up to 30 minutes of the contest gradually at intervals of 10-15 minutes should be drunk.

•10-15 minute intervals throughout the race or circuit between the 100 to 200 cc of liquid should be taken.

•After the contest should be checked by weighing the fluid loss and frequent loss of drinking water should be put in place.

•Except for very urgent cases to be given salt tablets are unnecessary. Food packed in salt to increase the salt is a measure sufficient to compensate for the loss.

•Athletes weighed every day, different humidity and temperature should be measured in the fluid loss.

•Temperature is more than 7 days before training at 9:00 in the morning or after 16:00 must be made.

•Athlete of the early signs of heat exhaustion (throbbing, reluctance, nausea, dry skin, lack of orientation) should know better.

•Clothing should be light and as little as possible, light colors should be preferred.

•In hot weather, exercise, increasing time to adapt and violence (acclimatization) should be studied. In this study, frequent rest breaks and adequate fluid intake should be taken to be kept long.

•At temperatures above 30 ° C and should be kept very short working time. 92% and higher humidity will increase even more in the effect of the heat should be kept in mind.

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