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IIH (Idiopathic intracranial hypertension)

Hello, I'm 28 and have IIH (idiopathic intracranial hypertension), a condition which for some unknown reason tends to affect 1/100,000 women in their twenties who are overweight. I first was diagnosed with this three years ago, at a particularly stressful time in my life. However, after medication and weight loss the symptoms went away. Three years on, I stopped taking the medication, as I would like to get pregnant and it is not possible to take the medication for IIH during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the IIH has come back. I am back on the medication, have some unpleasant symptoms from the IIH as I wait for the tablets to work and am unable to try for a baby. Does anybody have any advice or experiences of the above? I have a very busy and at times stressful lifestyle. Any body in the same situation who followed any weight loss plans effectively? Last time I was in this situation I had more time to exercise than now.


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CUT OUT SUGAR - in all forms (apart from whole fruit and veg). The healthiest thing you can do to both lose weight and to hopefully get rid of your headaches are to eat healthily. Try to cut down and ideally cut out as much processed food and drink as possible from your diet. They contain lots of hidden sugar. Also cut out white flour products. Read up on Dr Max Gerson and how he cured his migraine and then went on to find cures for cancer, yes non toxic cures have been known for at least a century. Also read Dr Robert Lustig "Fat Chance" about the perils of sugar, also "Pure, White and Deadly" by John Yudkin. They are not the easiest of reads, but very informative and enlightening.

I have got rid of my bursitis in my hip, which was causing me pain for over 6 months, inflammation in my next and face and sensitivity in my teeth (which I have had for over 20 years) and no dentist ever said to me cut out the sugar and eat as much raw fresh fruit and veg as possible. But amazingly it worked. Now I am ache and pain free. I changed my diet and added in as many anti-inflammatory foods each day that I could. Google for information. We are all different and so what I like and can tolerate and enjoy will possibly be different to you. I have grapefruit each morning ( or orange if I run out) a big raw salad at lunch time (again large amounts so you won't feel hungry). I put in whatever I have in the fridge. I can now eat raw cauliflower, broccoli. I make coleslaw with carrot and white cabbage, but I add in red onion, courgette and apple, or again whatever is in the fridge. If it is shredded I can get my family to eat it too.

The best thing is back to basics and eat whole, natural foods ie fruit, veg, nuts (raw, not roasted or covered in chocolate or anything else) and seeds. You can still have other foods, but occasionally and in small amounts. You are what you eat. Check out "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!" It is a film by Joe Cross, an Australian, it is inspirational. Although you do not need to go down the juicing route alone to lose weight, what is does show is that by eating fresh fruit and veg etc, you cut out some of the toxins in your food and give the body the ammunition it needs to fight inflammation, viruses and bacteria. Good lucK.



It is good that you are trying to build a good life - one which includes a child. However, you have a serious condition. The idiopathic bit, as you will know, means that the origin is not known. A friend was originally given this diagnosis and then the reason was found. Currently, idiopathic intercranial pressure is said to be life changing as opposed to life threatening. This is to do with priorities. It makes all the sense in the world to keep taking the medication and also to do all that you can to lose weight.

The series of procedures which my friend is still going through are both considerable and gruelling. If she had been able to avoid going through it all I am sure that she would have done. So, please get yourself well and then take on the task of having and looking after a child.


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