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snail pace but thats ok

I keep reading about the stones people have lost so I just thought I would put in my tuppence worth.

I think I am on week 8. I have about 2 1/2 stone to loose but thats depressing.

This is a 'life journey' so the speed is not such an issue but a change in attitude. An attitude change for the rest of my life.

In that 8 weeks I have lost (nearly typed the word 'only') 3 lb. but I have experienced a huge attitude shift.

I have a sweet tooth but my taste has slowly changed. I used to like mini chocolate swiss rolls but a friend bought some to have with tea at an event where we were demonstrating spinning (with wool). However I found that they were tasteless and very unsatisfying so shared them with others. I have found other bought products that I used to enjoy now are unpleasant, either they are too sweet, too fatty, taste stale or artificial.

I love homemade fruit crumbles and rather than give them up I have experimented with the recipe until I have one that uses 2/3 the amount of fat ( less makes it taste of cardboard) and substituted a sweetener for sugar which I have halved and have it with a thick yogurt which I make myself.

My husband likes to go to the pub and once a week have a stake so I take a small plastic box and immediately put half my steak into it. This way I don't feel deprived but I am not having a 'blowout' and I then use the steak to cook a stir fry with plenty of veg for us both the following day.

Not earth shattering, but not once has the weight changed in the up direction and these baby steps are the start of my journey and it feels painless.

I hope that others that haven't had a meteoric weight loss will take heart. I believe 100% that these baby steps will become great strides. The changes that we make must be permanent or the weight loss will be as temporary as our attitude. I will let you know how I progress.

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Hi Arthrath,

Sounds like you're making some positive steps forward, and congratulations on your progress to date. It's great to hear you're enjoying having a new attitude, and like you say "baby steps will become great strides".

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


I lose weight very slowly - I'd blame 'age' but in truth even in my 20's when I'd decide to lose a stone and get stuck into the healthy eating it would be painfully slow. We're all different aren't we :-)

I've still got around 3 stones to lose. I've found something that works for me and that I can stick to and yes, my tastes are changing. I've never had a sweet tooth but I had a big appetite. Portion control is my big battle but I'm getting there mainly as my stomach must be shrinking because I can't eat large amounts any longer. My OH alternately moans at me for leaving things and anticipates the left overs ha ha

I've always cooked from scratch so am used to cutting out unnecessary calories. You really don't need to 'brown' meat and veg in butter or oil before cooking soups and curries or pasta dishes and I much prefer yoghurt to cream. I also make my own custard from powder with sweetened soya milk.

My weight loss may be slow but I'm so much healthier :-)


My weight loss has been gradual because I have more relaxed weekends which for me is no bad thing. As mine also is a change of life you need to take little breaks occasionally otherwise you won't stick to it. Good luck and I am sure your weight loss will probably quicken the more changes you eventually make.


Yea it is all about small changes,like white bread to wholemeal,large slice to the small loaf.that sort of thing.dry fry.smaller plate.there's lots of changes to make but 1 or 2 a week and it will make a difference, good luck

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Thanks so much for posting this!! came on here hoping to find motivation no to be discourages by slow weight loss, was ready to give it all up actually but your message has totally put things in perspective! I now appreciate the lifestyle changes that I am making even if these havent translated to quick weight loss! :)


Try to relax with your new healthy approach,1 or 2 steps in the right direction each week ,after all it don't go on in 5 minuets so it won't come off in 5 minuets either,I wish.take it steady fairy your food but keep improving ,you will get there x


Hello there, I just found your post, and I agree with you, it's so important that this is a permanent shift of attitude towards food so that it can be sustainable.


I am with you, baby steps all the way..keep going..:)


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