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Day 1

Hi all,

Well today is my day 1 and I'm keeping a food diary to hand so I can count up my calory intake as I go along. My OH and I are out for a meal tonight - Italian - so I'm trying to keep the calories low throughout the day! I really want to have pizza so I suppose the important thing is to make sure I keep the cals as low as possible (I love cheese and tomato so I should be ok here) and make up for anything tomorrow if I find that I do go over a little.

As always any tips would be appreciated! :-)

Sarah Lou.

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Hope you will enjoy the pizza. Good to have a plan, like you seem to have.

I am not really a pizza eater (I don't mind it, but won't go out of my way to get it). When I go for Italian I normally order something else.

But if I loved it, I think one alternative could be to eat only half of it and order a side salad with it as well.

If your OH has a healthy appetite he could eat the rest in addition to his meal! Or you could take the rest home and eat some for lunch or dinner the next day,

Or maybe you could order a very small pizza, if the restaurant has a variety of sizes.


Hi :) Thanks for the tips.

I'm a pizza lover, so would struggle to sit and only eat half a pizza when in a restaurant. The place that I'm going to does serve skinny pizzas though, which are smaller with thinner bases and include salad on the side.

I'm thinking I might go with that, but I'm not sure of the calories in a skinny pizza.

I'd forgotten how fattening pizza really is!!


Skinny pizzas sound sensible; hope they are not skinny on taste!


I've had one before and from this restaurant in particular they're lovely! :D


How long have you been dieting for? Are you using the NHS 12 week plan?


I keep a food diary too,I got a manga size note pad and keep it.in my bag to refer to.along with a small calorie and Carb book from warerstones.I do my food diary from the front of the pad,and jot notes at the back.sounds a bit sad but that way I can refer to it any time.and I can jot notes any time ,as far as anyone else around me knows I could be doing a shopping list or something,nobody would guess I am getting a calorie counting freak,seriously its working for me although its only been 2 weeks.


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