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I recently passed my driving test so have stopped cycling everywhere (fab but bad at the same time). I bought a rowing machine recently to get some exercise I enjoy doing and to replace the bike. I've never really weighed myself before, I've always gone on the fact that if my clothes still fit me I'm fine. Unfortunately I decided today to weigh myself after a go on the rowing machine to discover with much horror that I'm 15 Stone. Not a happy bunny I hopped right on the internet and found this and all sorts of eat healthy plan things, however I found that I don't actually like most of the foods on those plans.

As I'm new to the whole rowing machine thing I'm doing the recommended 20 minutes 3 times a week (although I had a sneaky 10 minutes earlier instead of the cookie I really wanted). I plan to up this to 30 minutes 3 times a week and 15 minutes 2 times a week, which will hopefully knock back a few pounds on its own, however I would like some useful (for me) tips about food intake and what I can be eating instead of the wonder that is JaffaCakes.

Anyone got any tips?

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The Jaffa cakes will have to be replaced I am afraid, with fruit and veg, lean protein and healthy fats!

One can actually learn to like healthy food: that is the good news ...


Why does the protein need to be lean?


Otherwise it is rich in saturated fat, which not only adds calories, but is also the type of fat that clogs your arteries and promotes cholesterol - basically is a burden on your body.

The good fat, which you need, you can get from oily fish, olives, avocados, nuts, seeds,, etc.

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Saturated fats are not bad for us, the problem has been shown to be refined carbohydrates.



I agree about the carbohydrates - too much of those, in refined form, are definitely a problem.

However I think that saturated fats have to be taken in moderation, or else they are also detrimental, Societies with lower saturated fat intake are those real longevity, e.g. people from Okinawa, Japan.



Dr Malcolm Kendrick also found that the Japanese lowered their incidence of haemorrhagic stroke and increased their longevity, by increasing the saturated fat in their diet.

The Weston Price Foundation affirm that lean protein is the fastest way to deplete your body of vital fat-soluble vitamins.


Come on you must know jaffa cakes are not the answer,only if you can stop at 2 ,I couldnt,the easyest way for me is to not buy what I can't tru!st myself with,and settle for jam or honey on wholemeal toast,or a bowl of poridge. Yoghart and fruit,baked apple with a vanilla yoghart thrown over it.low fat rice put .just a few replacements


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