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Week 1

Weight change: -0.7kg (-1.54lbs)

Waist change: -3cm

Not so bad for a first week!

And my toddler hasn't noticed a thing. I lie, she now asks to go to the gym with me. Which is quite cute.

Any worries? Yes, Can I keep up this pace? I do feel quite fatigued most of the time... and I am beginning to struggle with exercise. It could be that it is just in my mind. Now that I eat less I want to workout less too and my body could just be reflecting that thought.

Any surprises? No. not really.

Roll on, week 2!

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Well done Didi- I found week 1 the worst in view of tiredness- then onwards my body got used to it and I started to feel as if I had more energy- so give it time.

Also- I didn't do any formal exercise and still lost over a stone in weight- you have a toddler so I would have thought you would be quite active anyway. My advice would be to let the exercise go before the diet, but if you can do both then that's great. Good luck.


Thank you!

I am also in full time employment so during the week there is quite a bit of sitting down that goes on. I still feel quite ok to carry on. I do not believe I am in a balance I can maintain over time yet but hope to get there in the next few weeks!


No it's not in your mind. If you aren't eating enough your body will struggle to keep up the exercise. You may need to eat more or exercise less!

As others have said on here, you need to think of weight loss as a marathon and not a sprint.


I hear you. Definitely looking for the right balance and I am definitely aware that this just could be my way of being for life so need to find a comfortable pace I can handle. Not quite there yet but will be there soon, hopefully.


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