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It's week 8 already!

Time truly flies...am starting week 8...and I have 300 grams to lose to reach a total of 5 kg loss...not sure if I should be happy or not...but at least it's going in the right direction:)

Hubby dearest got us a cross trainer... I'm the type who really does make use of such machines, but my question is, how much do you burn?...the meter attached gives me a rather unexpected count of 5 kcal for 10 minute light intensity workout! My heart rate reached 130 bpm and I was breathing heavily...

Any ideas?

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Hi hms7280,

Five kilos (about 11 lbs) over 8 weeks is a nice steady rate of weight loss - why wouldn't you be happy with that?

One of the biggest gains to upping your exercise / activity levels whilst on a weight reduction programme is the way it helps to kind of "re-set" the levels of some of the hormones that have changed due to your body becoming overweight. Most of the ones that aren't "re-set" by increased exercise / activity are "re-set" by losing the extra weight itself. One of them, Ghrelin, is apparently never "re-set" and that is one reason why someone who has been overweight may well find it easier to regain that status than someone who has never been.

My view is that if increasing your exercise / activity level also happens to use up a few calories, then great, but I've never focussed that hard on that aspect of it.