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Hello everyone I have six months to loose 2 stone as I am getting married in April, I was supposed to start my diet yesterday, but failed miserably on the first day ate well all through the day until the evening meal as it was so late endeed eating fish and chips felt sick afterwards as I knew I had failed but He! Ho! will try again today as today is a new day I really don't want to fail I have never been on a diet before have 4 children and find it difficult but I must do this as I am 42 and need to also get a lot fitter? I will reach my goal just ahve to plan my days better if anyone has any good tips I would love to hear them.

kind regards

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Hi josa12,

It's really ALL about changing your eating habits and upping the exercise / activity a bit. I don't eat nearly as much (quantity / volume) as I used to before making the change. I also don't eat nearly as much junk, fat-rich / sugar-rich food as I used to.

And that's been all about changing my habits. No more do I scoff down the cakes / biscuits / bread / chocolate bars like I used to a couple of years ago. I do think about what I'm eating (and what I am choosing to not eat).

No food, as such, is 'bad' - it's a matter of how much of it you eat and how often. And if your diet (as in what you are actually eating) is full of fried foods, huge meals, sweet / creamy treats, then not only are you probably (like many of us who are or have been overweight) taking in far too many calories, thus meaning your body stores excess fat and you become overweight, but also your diet probably isn't actually that nutritious, i.e. it probably doesn't particularly provide your body with good overall nutrition.

So, it's about changing. We pick up our eating habits from various sources as we journey along our life. Yes, even the "oh it's late, I'll just have some fish and chips" habit! I bet you could have had something better. In fact, fried fish isn't that bad - as long as you ditch the batter which is what absorbs the fat. The fish in effect is mainly steamed inside the batter. But there are better ways of eating potatoes than fried and I'm wondering just how many chips you ate. (Google the calorie content of potatoes, weigh some potatoes and - very probably - re-align your view of what a 'portion' is!).

And of course, as you change your eating habits, your tastes change. I really could just not face eating some of the things that I used to eat a couple of years ago and certainly couldn't face eating them in the quantities / regularity with which I did consume them.

Over the months, as you change, your 'new' eating habits will become you usual eating habits, and your body will adjust to those changes and that's how you get to the place where the weight stays off.

There's loads of good and free advice (and a free 12 week plan) on the NHS live well lose weight web pages. Also, you'll find some good and free nutrition advice on the NHS website too.


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