Starting Week 10

Starting from a good point this week. I have passed my first goal of losing 1 stone :-D

On Friday I will be buying a small crossstitch :-)

I am no longer using the sheets or myfitnesspal but I am still eating low calorie meals and smaller snacks. I've had a few bumps the last couple weeks but damage hasn't been irreversible.

Feeling so proud of myself right now :-D


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6 Replies

  • Hi GemmaJMrs,

    Congratulations on losing a stone. That's really great. Hope you enjoy doing that cross-stitch when you get it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That's amazing! Very well done. Blips are blips and not to dwell on, I agree. Good idea about the cross stitch. I've got a couple started a while ago and not finished. . . . will dig them out!

  • Well done! You've found something that works for you and that can only be a good thing.

  • well done, keep going.

  • Hi GemmaJMrs,

    Most people's weight loss journeys have their blips, spurts and plateaux. Human weight reduction is not some simple mathematical process. Many things can impinge upon how your hormones function and they are the things that control fat storage and fat burning.

    But usually, most blips are fairly short lived and if not, it's usually about fine-tuning your regime a bit.

    But one great thing on reaching any milestone in this game is, quite simple, it proves to you that you CAN do it!

    You can take control of your body weight.

  • Well done

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