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Limited mobility - how to exercise?

I am just starting week 5 of my weight loss. So far I have lost 10lb (need to lose at least 3 stone in total).

My problem is that, due to spinal arthritis, it is very difficult for me to do any exercise. I spend most of the day in a chair. Walking and standing are very painful.

Does anyone else have a similar problem and can give suggestions how I can increase the number of calories I am burning.

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Diet is THE most important part of weight loss. Studies on the effect of exercise on weight apparently don't show much impact over time of exercise on weight loss - read this. intensivedietarymanagement....

That isn't to say that exercise isn't good for you - it is, just that diet is by far the most important element of weight loss and exercise isn't vital for weight loss.


It may be worth badgering the NHS for support and getting some physio input.

I know that although my underlying health condition is still there (I still have to spend most of my day in bed), I've had a lot of improvement from doing NHS C25K and things like yoga - especially with back pain (I have an old bony spine injury). It is a tricky thing working out what pain you can work through, what is acceptable to tolerate, and what is beyond you and not sensible.

There are some chair-based things you can do. They are not going to burn many calories but they will help you maintain (and perhaps extend a little) the function you do have and give you a sense of achievement which in itself will help you with weight loss. As others have said, the dietary changes are the key thing and clearly you are having exactly the right sort of success with that if you have achieved 10lbs weight loss in 5 weeks.

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I have limited mobility due to arthritis and the Rosemary conley videos do a chair work out for people with mobility problems etc don't know if that's any help good luck.


I am in same situation as you in. June this year I topped scales at 20st 8lbs buy counting calories. I have managed to loose nealy 2st it is very hard going at times I find it difficult to exercise as I cannot stand more than a couple of min I have a wi fit do 10 min of slow jog. I have a chair near by so I can sit down every couple of mins Icant put a lot into it but it does make me feel better I am recovering from ulcerated. Legs which does not help it is important to try and move around a little I am finding motivation is the key word good luck


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