week 1- 19.5 stone

I recently lost over 10pounds but I have put it all back on and more when I stopped exercising. I know it is possible to lose the weight but the process of doing it is sometimes so hard that I feel like I am afraid to start it again.

I have read a few of the other posts here and most of you mention setting an achievable goal at a time, so for this month I am aiming to lose at least 1 stone.

Wish me all the LUCK


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  • I am following a low carb hig fat diet and lose weight without any exersise! Dou yourself a favour and read The Real Meal Rovolution by Prof Tim Noaks from South Africa. Website is realmealrevolution.com. Also watch the youtube links on the site. Banting is very popular in Sout Africa because it works! I am also following the Banting Diet FB page for assistance! Good luck. I have lost 12 kg since June 2014 and need to lose another 40kg but with the banting lifestyle it does not feel like following a "diet"!

  • Good luck indeed.

    But are you setting a realistic goal? They recommend 2lb a week because your body needs to get used to the idea. the reason most of us put the weight back on is we stop the strategies that helped us lose in the first place. when you reach target, surely the thing to do is keep watching your intake and keep up a bit of exercise. Not so much as when you were losing weight but enough to keep stable.

    I've lost an average of 1 lb a month. It's taken a long time but it's worth it and I don't feel under any strain.

  • I've lost 25lbs and am a wheelchair user. Don't focus on the exercise. For me it's been all about calorie intake. I'm keeping below my BMR amount on a fairly regular basis. The days I go over I follow with a really low intake (between 600 to 800.) Overall most weeks I've lost some. It's a steady game though. NO quick fixes. I do appreciate your fears but plan your food for the day and take one day at a time. Keep in touch. If you want idea of what to eat just say. All the best.


  • No matter which diet you are following, I personally think that's quite a difficult goal to achieve. Why not take smaller achievable steps to reach goals. If you are 19.5 stone, why not tell yourself that your first goal is to get into the 18's. That's only 5.25 lbs that you have to lose. Psychologically that is a huge step and you will feel so proud of yourself. Then aim for 18st 11lbs (half a stone) and then 18st 5lbs (stone). You will notice the difference and feel so much better in yourself and it will be the boost you need to carry on. Let me also say that your heart has to be in it, you have to want it enough to really be committed. We are all here for support and can turn to us any time you need kick starting! Good luck and keep us posted.

  • I have a significant weight loss to shift, like yourself, however am doing it very gradually. Moreover, I'm shifting my mindset towards a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life: no more peaks and troughs of dieting. The advice that it's good to lose a pound or two pounds a week is best. Concentrate on this and on counting the calories you put on your plate and the weight will shift. Draw yourself a graph to show the weight loss over the months.

    It is discouraging to have a setback such as you've faced but losing weight is a learning process. For me, exercise alone didn't shift anything. And it's about eating enough so you don't go brain dead in the process (extreme calorie restriction can do this) or reduce your blood sugar too much. The main aim is to feel good about yourself. Remember you can still look good while you're losing weight by wearing bright clothes, eating well and having a decent haircut as well as doing things you enjoy.

  • I have a lot to lose and have been trying for years and go up and down all the time. The thing that definitely works for me (when I am good at doing it!) is using Myfitnesspal - to track all my calories. If I track everything I eat, I tend to lose weight as I am focussed on calories and portion size - very traditional but calorie counting works for me. Good luck

  • it might help if you focus on losing weight each week rather than saying I want to lose a stone in the next month as it might disappoint you if you don't and stop you appreciating the steps you have taken to reduce your weight , I like to think about the fact that if I lose 1Ib a week that's 52 Ibs a year and if I lose more its a bonus but at least its going in the right direction,good luck

  • Hiya,

    I have just finished week one and I have lost 2lbs this week. I also have a lot of weight to loose. I am 18 stone 3lbs. The heaviest I have ever been. Do you want to be weight loss buddies on here? I want to loose a total of 6 stone at least, it is going to be a long hard slog. My will power is still present. Keep going, I think we are both doing well if we have finished the first week positively.

    Take care and keep it up. MrsBooboo

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