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Is it possible to over exercise?

I usually go to the gym, 5/6 times a week, because well I'm on a mission to beat this overweight nonsense once and for all. When I go, I usually do 2 classes back to back, like spin and pump, or spin and Zumba. Or I'll do my own workout. I feel great afterwards, but today I did 3 classes, and should be going to pump/spin tomorrow but have a feeling my body will ache in the morning. Am I taking things too far?

I love the gym and what I do, but if I'm doing too much, or what I'm doing isn't likely to help me lose weight in the long run, I'd really like to know. For a point of reference, I eat 1400kcals, gym day or not ( I don't eat my workout calories), and have lost 13lbs in the past month.

Any advice wld be welcome.

Thanks guys!

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If you enjoy the classes they will do you no harm, after all a generation ago most of us would have been doing very physical work for 8 or 10 hours a day. Obviously if you suffer injury, pain or feel unwell then you may want to reconsider or rest till better, and it is good to have a day of rest too. As for weight loss in theory exercise speeds up weight loss but I must admit when I used to weigh people at weight watchers people who did a great deal of exercise often struggled to lose weight, but this may be that they over estimated how much they could eat or got too hungry and over ate, they all denied it but I did learn that many people aren't very good at recognising how much they are eating so can't really say why that group struggled so much.

One thing to bear in mind if you do decide to eat some of your gym calories is that once your body is used to doing any exercise it burns a lot less calories doing it compared to a new exercise.

I would say what you are doing is working and you are enjoying it so carry on. Don't ignore any injuries or strains but if this feels good then keep it up.

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Well you're clearly doing fine, but the weight loss may be too rapid. Check out the medical advice. My understanding is your body needs time to adjust, that's why they advise 2lb a week or so. Also listen to your body. It's great you enjoy the exercise but don't build up joint problems for later. As long as the weight is going down it's a small victory and each pound off extends your potential life, so it doesn't matter so much if it's slow, you'll have time to reap the benefits - unless you get run over.

Well done :)


Thanks for the advice........I'll try my best not to get run over ;0)


So will I. I know its not easy. I was diagnosed with diabetes some years ago. It's taken ages to lose 2 1/2 stone, average about 1lb a month. But it HAS GONE :) hope it stays off but I'll worry about that one later. In the meantime I feel loads better and more active.

Good luck and loads of hugs.


A generation ago people literally wore out.

It is possible to get addicted to the endorphins from exercise. It's great you are enjoying it, but it also sounds a little as though you may underneath be punishing yourself for being overweight. Also whilst you are basing your exercise indoors you may not be getting enough benefits from being outdoors, and you may need to have more variety in your fitness programme.

Are you addressing your food intake?


Hi, thanks for the advice. I actually switched things up yesterday and walked home. It was a good 1hr and a half, and I felt great. I'll definitely be incorporating that in my routine from now instead of gym time.

My food consists of lots of protein, cous cous, chick peas etc. Unless the amount of calories I'm eating is too much, I think any change I encounter has to come from exercise. I weigh my food though, and track it on fitness pal, never going over the 1400.

Anyways, so long as it's coming off and not going on, something must be working right!


I thought I was an addict! Just that bloated, fat belly made me sick even w eating healthy so exercise morning & evening (Pilates, Zumba w ab stretches), Pilates class on wed eve. Had IT exam so no exercise for 5 days! Back to it this evening w Zumba. Xx I've got motivation down to a T☺️


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