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I'm going to start the 12 week weight loss programme and just wondering how everyone has done/coped for the duration of this said programme.

I am 25 years old and had the biggest kick up the back side last week when I weighed at my DR's and weighed 13st 3lbs - I was devastated and must admit sort of felt sorry for myself before the anger kicked in. I'm angry at myself for allowing myself to get this way, especially because of the fact that I used to be fit and healthy and basically I've let myself go.

However, it is time for me to make a change...It's now or never really and I'm determined to be as healthy as possible. I know this is going to be as difficult as I allow it to be so please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Hi cmd. To start with, I'm wondering about your comment "for the duration of the programme". Are you thinking that after 12 weeks you will go back to old habits? It is a 12 week programme because that is how long it takes to change a habit. I hope you know that this is just the start! Anyway, if you want it badly enough then you will do it. Try just making small goals which are achievable. Firstly to drop below the 13's into the 12's. Then to 12.9 as that will be half a stone, so forth and so on! Plan in advance to give yourself non-food treats as you complete these goals as it's something to look forward to. Be honest with yourself and write everything down that you eat, especially if you are counting calories. You could use My Fitness Pal for logging your calories and also your exercise. We also have a weigh on a Monday morning with Lowcal and jot down how we did, what we want to achieve next week etc. Please feel free to join us.

As for myself, I lost 2.5 stone in the 12 weeks but it is an on-going commitment.

We are all very friendly here and this is a great support network. If any time you need to ask questions or need support and motivation, someone will always help you. Good luck. You really can do it!


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