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In one month, 3-4 kg Weight lose plan


I want to lose 3- 4 Kg in a month. I am a hardcore veggi and my height and weight is 5.4", 55kg. I am already in habit of doing jogging/ running and some other exercises 4 times a week for an hour. Kindly, suggest me a good weight lose plan according to my lifestyle by which I can lose 3-4 kgs in a month as next month I m gonna have my engagement.

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Your already a healthy weight for your height, getting lower will most likely be slower as you don't have much to lose. Go to myfitnesspal and work out your bmr and tdee and cut 20% calories from your tdee.

Don't go below as you are most likely to fail. Slow is better and your more likely to keep it off.

Goodluck and congrats on your engagement...

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Thanks a ton for your wishes and advice. I'll definitely work on that :)


What is it about your engagement (I guess you mean some kind of event rather than the personal agreement to marry) that you are wanting to be different for? I am wondering if like me it is more that you still have quite a lot of wobble round your middle (and exceed waistline guidelines) despite being a healthy BMI, in which case perhaps you could focus on toning your core?

It is great that you already have a healthy lifestyle (not sure what you mean by hardcore veggie? Vegan? Just a actual vegetarian rather than someone who pretends to be one and eats fish etc?) - it will stand you in good stead for the stresses of wedding planning!


Well! Here engagement refers to a ceremony which we Indians do have before wedding. It's as important as a wedding ceremony (we do exchange rings in this ceremony).

Yup I have a lil flashy waste line and chubby cheeks, which I want to get rid from in a month, if possible.

Hardcore veggie I ment for is a super pure vegetarian who doesn't even eat egg.


I suspect dieting is NOT the thing you need to do. You are a healthy weight, and if your exercise schedule isnt brand new, you should be pretty fit. But maybe you need to do something which, as Googleme says, focuses on your core. pilates, weight training can both get those muscles working and firmer. Alternate running days with pilates or weight training. Give yourself a rest day once a week.

And relax. It's a beautiful time of your life, dont be so stressed about your appearance that you can't enjoy the celebrations. It's easy to feel like you are performing for your guests instead of living an important milestone.

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Thanks a ton Nilzed for your kind words, really gave me a positive boost. Yes, I love running and do participation in Merathon too. I believe you guys are right that I should work on tonninh up my core.

Thanx again for your advices.


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