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Today We Make Friends With Salad

Hi everyone,

I have set-up a 'secret' group on fb for a place to share receipes, talk everything healthy and motivate each other. I have been apart of a group like this before and they are really helpful. At the moment there are 0 members as I have just created it but if you want to join type in the internet the following: facebook.com/groups/friendswithsalad or comment with your email address which is linked to facebook and I will add you. This is a private group and only for health and fitness. I'm desperate to lose my weight and I need all the motivation I can get! I'm 15.6 stone (5ft 8) and my BMI is through the roof. I lose 2lbs this week, which is my target so fingers crossed it continues!


Secret group - facebook.com/groups/friendswithsalad

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Hi Amy, I will definitely looking out for your group, tho the link is not available at the moment?


Hey, Hmmm it may be because it is set to 'secret'. I've just changed the settings so it should be searchable now. If not, let me know your email address and I will add you. Thanks!


Sorry Amy cant find on the facebook.


I just checked and if you search in the search function in facebook for - Today I Make Friends With Salad it will come up as a closed group and you can request to join.


you DO make friends with SALAD ! is it that


No it's - Today I Make Friends With Salad

Is it not showing up? :(


There is a Healthy Eating group on HU if you are interested.



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