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Stuck in a rut

I started the nhs plan in March and I've managed to lose just over 2 stone. I had tired ALL the other diets, my gp even referred me to a dietician and I just couldn't lose a thing! Not sure what happened but something clicked when I started looking into more quick fix diet plans and I thought I'd give hard work another go and so far its paid off. There's definitely another stone to be lost but I've been stuck in a rut for the past month. Any tips or advice on how to get the fat burning ball rolling again?

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One week of each month, raise your energy intake a little so that your body doesn't get used to the lower calorie intake and slow your metabolism.

Keep your carb intake to less than a third of your energy intake, and minimise your fructose intake too. Aim for slow release carbs such as barely ripe bananas, quinoa, wholegrain pasta, oatcakes, or sweet potato for example, as well as vegetables low in carbs.

Eat a palm-size portion of natural protein at each meal, such as meat, offal, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, or smaller amounts of cheese. Make up the balance of your meal with sufficient natural-fat to facilitate an easy weight-loss of about a pound per week. When you reach your goal, increase your natural-fat intake a little more to prevent further weight-loss.

Do a little aerobic exercise, and resistance exercise, two or three times per week each.

Keep regular sleep times centred around hours of darkness, and learn to relax to help regulate hormone levels.


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