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5 Stone Down! :)

Sorry for this longwinded message but here is what I wrote back in May on this forum.

For weeks I have been carefully setting out my options to start my assault on my weight problem. I am 25 years old and am clinically obese. I have always avoided my doctor about the problem and have tried some fad stuff that works for some but just not for me. I stumbled across this 12 week plan on the NHS where it's not about rapid weight loss so much is it about changing habits for longterm gains (or losses in this case) I have tried many times to diet before and have failed but my mind set today is much different from any other time I have went about this. I feel focussed and thanks to a few helpful apps and advice online I believe I can now take the necessary step to lose weight consistently. I realise I will have my good and bad days at this but my mind is set and my eye is on the prize. I will be sure to use this forum regularly when I'm feeling like things are getting the better of me and hopefully I can post some positive status' in the future.

Anyway Thanks for reading.

Wish me luck!


Since that message I have dropped 5 stone and I'm on my way to being a happier healthier person. I am by no means anywhere near done but I am proud of myself that I have reached this particular milestone. Something I never thought I could do. I'm eating healthier, I exercise most days whether it be in the gym or just going out for a walk. I can physically see the difference in how I look and feel. To anyone struggling with their weightloss problems I know it is cliché but if I can do it then so can you! Wish me luck in the upcoming months as I plan to take more off. The weight loss is starting to slow down but as long as I step on those scales every week and I see it going down there is no better high for me.

Thanks for reading.

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Wow, that is really inspirational, congratulations! Can I ask how much you aim to lose in total?

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Congratulations you have really understood what is needed to achieve anything in life commitment, dedication and perseverence. You will get there in the end, what an inspiration. Very well done.

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Reading stories like yours is what spurs me on......WELL DONE!!!! Losing 5 stones is no easy job, and from your attitude, you'll definitely go on to achieve your goal.

I look forward to reading your ' I did it' update in months to come!!


Your results should be an inspiration to others who have s lot to lose and who cant see its possible. But 5st in 4 months is very fast. You dont say what your Net calorie intake is, but hopefully you've followed a healthy diet as well as the exercise.


Well done! 5 stone is awesome! any tips you can tell us for motivation?


God uve done so well. Hope I can do as well!. Not holding my breath lol.


Hi Folks, to answer questions from above. I was sitting at 27 and a half stone. I started 5 months ago now and I completely changed my eating habits, but not to things I didn't like to eat like previous diets. I love veg and have that everyday without fail and I cut out the big killers like bread and fizzy juice...still have the odd diet coke when I'm out at an event or something though. I go to the gyms religiously 6 days a week and my fitness levels compared to when I started are fantastic. Since my last post I have lost another stone and now sit at having lost just over 6. Again I am by no means done yet. I am still heavy but it is a massive step in the right direction. I don't have a target as such as I think that would make things too daunting at times. Just happy to weigh myself every week and hopefully see the needle go down the way.

As I said I've tried many diets but they didn't' work for me. This time I don't see it as a diet but as a lifestyle. Once I get to a weight I'm happy with I wont be hitting a mcdonalds 3 times a week again. I enjoy what I'm eating and I enjoy exercising, If you can get into a routine like this then you will see the weight come off you.

Thanks for the replies.


Inspirational! Congratulations. Knowing you will succeed is a lesson for us all.


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