right roll on october

Hi right i have done the job and sign up i am 13.09 stone and 5ft 9 tall and i am looking to get a stone off in 4 weeks more the better i am going to get up the gym 4 to 5 times a week after work and weekends keep off the drink and eat well ...So if n e one would like to give it a go with me just say hi and write me a post ....It all starts oct 1th for me


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3 Replies

  • Why wait until October? You sound very positive and motivated so why not seize the day and start now?

  • Ok think you may well be right seize the day so down to you i will start today as in NOW thanks...How it going for you ?

  • That's better! I have now finished the twelve week plan- I lost 1 stone 2 lbs by just changing eating habits- didn't even do that much formal exercise. I weighed myself this morning and I'm the same as last week so not too concerned. I just think if you are in the right frame of mind (and you seem to be) then don't delay as you may be thinking differently come October. I wish you well and if you need any tips, advice or support let me know. I never thought I would lose any weight and here I am now needing new clothes!

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