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Starting Again

So ive struggled with my weight ever since i was a child. Ive tried to lose weight over and over again. I managed to lose 3 stone a couple years ago which i was really pleased about. Even though i lost 3 stone i was still a looooong way to my goal weight. ive managed to put his weight back on and am currently nearly back at my heaviest.

Ive decided to try this 12 week challenge to give me a kick start. Im 3 days in and doing ok (which you normally do in the first week). The thing is with me is im a comfort eater and all i think about is how much ive got to lose to be healthy. Ive tried focusing on small goals, but that end goals still over shadows them.

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Hi, am also starting the 12 week challenge today. Have been moaning about my weight for years, and am a yo yo dieter, fed up of it all now, and intend to shift it once and for all. Good luck on you journey.


Thanks for the reply, its nice to know im not the only one :)


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