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Who can tell me where I'm going wrong?

At the start of last week I was all excited I'd lost 2lb reducing portion size etc. This week Ive eaten small portions, cycled to work and back every day (4 miles) done my usual activities (Pilates and archery), I have a very active job - running about most days all day, no snacking on rubbish, run about after kids all week, dog walking most days, drank gallons of water, reduced carb intake and upped protein intake stood on scales this morning and put 2lb back on plus another 5!!!!!! 7lb in a week - WHAT AM I NOT DOING???

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That is disappointing. Could it be hormones? Have you stuck to your calorie allowance? (I take it you are doing the 12 week plan?) Don't give up though.

Look at Bubblegums post below.


Yes, definitely disappointing. There are several possible reasons. Stress and lack of sleep can mess up weight loss. If you have been eating more cheese or nuts, they could tip the balance. Perhaps you need to experiment more with what you are eating?

Hope you can work this out.


If you are a girl, then there is hormone issues. I know one week, my weight jumps, so i dont weigh that week, or ignore it. One week, my weight will dip surprisingly. That is my official weight for the month! The other two are somewhere in between, i just dont let that bother me.

The get fit with exercise while getting slim by dieting process can often mean that the fat loss is hidden behind the muscle gain. Lots of people on the Couch 25K board here say their weight didnt change much learning to run 5k, but their health and clothing size and general body shape did. Look for NSVs, Non Scale Victories. Measure with a tape measure & compare those numbers instead. Pay attention to how your clothes fit, how your posture improves, how much further or faster you can go without losing puff. Measure some sort of time and distance, whether it is your cycle to work or how sny flights of stairs you can do, and keep records on that improvement.


Perhaps it is linked into Oestrogen levels at that particular time. My weight also yo yos at certain times and it is not related to what I have eaten. Water retention is often a problem for me which is why I have cut out most wheat products. This has really helped me. I have found however, since having a coil fitted, I put on weight and it is much more difficult to lose weight. Try eating foods which are not high in Oestrogen or foods which help to combat Oestrogen. I really can empathise with you. Try not to give up despite thinking 'what's the point' and think about the bigger picture and how healthy and kind you have been to yourself, even if the scales don't show what you want them to.


Hi Knittiwakky

It is not unusual for your weight to (seeming) stabilise when you start a quite energetic exercise programme. Your muscles are being toned or firmed. Don't worry you won't be "building more muscle", but what you have, will be becoming more effective and yes (sorry) a little heavier. The upside is that the more effective muscle tissue you have, the quicker/better you will burn fat in the future, so don't despair. You must have seen seemingly thin/slim people can have flabby arms and legs. Keep on doing what you are doing and not only will you be slim but your body will be firm not flabby.

Don't over the look the other good things as well, e.g. how much more you can do without getting out of breath other bits of you are also becoming more efficient.

Another factor for seemingly not losing weight is your menstrual cycle, but that's another story.


Just a thought- are you drinking fruit juice or those sports drinks? They are loaded with fructose that will nuke your program in a minute. I like the other input- the hormone factor, and the muscle mass increase hiding any fat loss. Very good- that would not have occurred to me.


change up on what your eating. try new recipes. I hope this helps you a little.


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