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Aloe Vera max cleanse, raspberry ketones

Please can I ask you all to be very careful if you are tempted to send for either of the above. I saw the add either on this site or my fitness friend and so thought for some reason that it would be Ok. I didn't think my first order had been accepted and as it was supposed to be a super free introductory offer, postage only, I ordered again thinking they would only send me one of each. I ended up with 2of one of them and 1 of the other and started to trial them but after 3 days I went down with a viru so had to stop. I tried to cancel new supplies after a week but was told I had to pay for the original delivery as I had missed their approval date, whatever that is, by 3 hours. My trial sample gave me 14 days to cancel but this is apparently from the day you order not when you receive the and start taking them. I have now had £240 taken from my credit card and the card co tells me this happens all the time. This would have paid for me to go to Weight Watchers or Slimming World for a year!!! I am now scared to even take the pills as it seems to be a complete scam and I am worried that they might not be what they say they are.

PLEASE do not use this product.

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If it sounds too good to be true it is, there is no such thing as a quick fix, otherwise they would be prescribing it on nhs! Patience and perseverance and hard work is the only way to lose weight. There was a slot on watchdog about this it's a total scam, always google any service or product you want to buy before you make a choice!


So sorry to hear this. A similer thing happened to me over a year ago.

I ordered two trial samples of this (or similar) products. I received the two plus a third duplicate, but I changed my mind and returned them, unopened, within the specified trial time, and I sent them recorded delivery!

But my credit card was charged £70 . The credit card company could not do anything because I'd 'willingly' given my card details, so it wasnt theft.

I tried phoning the product company to complain (usa number) but got no answer only recorded message. I was afraid id get next months supply as well and theyd keep charging me. SO I CANCELLED MY CREDIT CARD COMPLETELY and got a new one with different bank. I am very very wary of all these adverts for miracle products now.


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