Sober for October

Only have 13 pounds to lose till I hit my target weight. Finding it very hard to lose the last few pounds as I've only lost three pounds in the last four weeks and trust me I am health eating and exercising each week. So I've decided to sign up to the 'Sober for October' charity event. No alcohol for 31 days and trust me this is going to be very hard as I have a wedding and a 40th birthday party to attend in October! Hoping to lose a few pounds through this and get closer to my target weight.


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5 Replies

  • Good luck with that. It should help.

  • Im in the same boat, had two holidays in august snd slowed right down, only 2lbs off and 12 to go to target. Hmm , I will think anout no alcohol in october its drastic! Plus I have two big weekend events to go to..... and then im afraid weight will just pile back in december? Think I might just try a version of 5: 2 but try to keep my 5 days at 1400 and 2 days at 500. Not sure yet. Or just plough on ad I am, little by little....

  • What exercise are you doing? Maybe try changing your routine. Have you tried a boot camp type thing? That might boost weight loss. Also, I'm just waiting for my new scales to arrive which show fat, muscle and water. Maybe something like that would keep you motived to see more muscle and less fat even if scales stay the same? Good luck

  • I think this is a great idea - good luck! As well as empty calories, drink can cause us to make poor food choices. I lost 10lbs in January and Feb of this year mostly due to the drink that I cut out. Let us know how you get on.

  • Everyone will plateau after a while. the body will do its utmost to hang to fat as is a valuable source of energy for it. Whatever you are doing you need to change it, as your body has now got used to it. So look at the food you consume, can you change anything. Cut out as much processed food and drink, cut out as much sugar as possible, eat as much fruit and veg as possible, ideally raw and ideally organic. Drink plenty of water. Increase you level of exercise, you body has got accustomed to what you have been doing and you need to move the bar up. that is a good sign - well done.

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