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I have tried again and again to lose weight, but I have terrible will power, I manage 2-3 weeks at a push. And even if things are going good, I start to get tired and sad. And then I start allowing myself to give into the excuses in my head. I'm tired, I need more food and sugary food to give me energy. I'm tired after work and instead of doing my exercise video, and having dinner and a shower, I just go straight to bed and read a book. I feel that if I don't indulge myself in dinner and 2-3 hours awake after work and go straight to bed. Then it's ok to skip out the exercise video. Right now I'm in a slump, I know I've been bad this week, and instead if wanting to try and climb out of the whole and get back to the challenge. I just want to wallow, cry and hate myself, because I know if I don't lose weight, I won't let myself buy new trainers, or a pretty dress. Has anyone else found any good tips to get themselves out of the wallowing pit?


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4 Replies

  • Hi Ythansgirls

    If you end up feeling sad and tired whenever you try to lose weight perhaps you have cut your calories too much, or changed the type of food you eat too quickly.

    Perhaps start by concentrating on healthy eating rather than cutting calories?

  • Thanks for the tip. I don't think it helps that I work at a pub restaurant and I think after time I begin to resent all the people allowed to order the big portions and fatty, meaty foods. And then I go home to salad or frozen meal. But will try just making my food healthier rather than meals without my loved pasta or bread.

  • you can eat pasta and bread just choose brown or weight watcher s bread so long as you eat it in moderation and then u will feel better in ur self im terrible for biscuits and if my boyfriends come back with a cream bun I cnt refuse it and in last 2weeks iv lost 4lbs even though I still eat crap

  • It must be tough working in a restaurant and trying to lose weight!

    Try not to go too low fat as this will just leave you hungry.

    Make sure you have a good amount of protein and some natural fat to eat to make your meals more satisfying. A little olive oil on your salad, for example. If you want to cut down on carbs, it is a good idea to do it gradually, and go for the high fibre ones as Jacqui suggested.

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