Spray oil beware!

I don't know if any of you out there have used cooking oil spray but just a word of warning. I decided to try it out thinking it would be healthier. I thought there was an odd smell when using it and thought it didn't taste as nice either. (I do have a very acute sense of smell and taste). Anyway I decided to dispose of the oil and refill with regular olive oil. I tipped it out into a carton and it just looked and smelled disgusting. They must put something in it to make it spray effectively as it was opaque as opposed to how olive oil should be. I'm sure it wasn't 'off' as it was well in date but what I did observe, was that my regular oil certainly didn't come out in a spray the same. Might be unimportant in the grand scheme of things but I get more and more annoyed at 'invisible' ingredients. X.


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6 Replies

  • Olive oil naturally goes thick and opaque at lower temperatures.

  • My oil wasn't at a low temperature and it was almost foamy in texture. I'm not telling people not to use it, I'm just sharing my experience that's all.

  • I always stay away from oil sprays- they do contain added ingredients that keep the oil stable, whereas a glass bottle of olive oil (I don't buy plastic bottles, as they can react with the contents once opened, and glass is just glass!) contains only olive oil.

    There are two things you can do- buy your own spray container and put your own olive oil in or, as I do, just measure out a 10ml spoonful and spread it around the pan with a pastry brush- simple and healthier alternatives!

  • I like the idea of filling your own spray bottle. Never occurred to me. Thanks!

  • It is very processed to make it work, I agree. Smells very 'chemical'. I have a fab spray which I fill with my own oil, much more than 1 cal per spray, but much more 'clean'.

  • Thanks for those responses. There are so many of us on here that are trying to lose weight so that is why I posted this 'warning'. It's bad enough trying to lose weight without products claiming to be 'a healthier option', actually being full of chemicals. x.

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