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I have been on a diet for the past two weeks and have lost 6lbs but feel I need support from forums with like minded people. I was told 30 years ago that the pain I have is arthritis but lately doctor has said no I dont I have depression and has started me on a course of anti depressents. Find it hard to exercise due to pain but im trying to push myself into doing something each day,


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  • Hi Falconergirl

    Well done on losing the weight so far. Do you think your doctor is right when he says you have depression? What is he suggesting is causing the pain?

    I was in a similar situation several years ago. After being tested negative for all the different types of arthritis, my doctor dismissed my symptoms as being down to bad posture. It turned out that unexplained arthritic pains can be a symptom of coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. Giving up foods containing gluten meant that the pains went away and I was able to lose weight. It may be a long shot, but perhaps it is something you could look into?

  • Hi penel, doctor says its depression thats giving me pain which i dont really understand. I also have under active thyroid which doctor says makes no difference to my weight loss. Im doing more exercise now than iv done in 35 years because of pain i couldnt before. Im now walking for at least an hour daily, and either cycling ,swimming and now im trying yoga but not lost any weight but actually put on 2 pounds this week. As you can imagine im feeling very deflated and getting depressed lol

  • Hi Falconergirl

    Sorry to hear you are feeling deflated. I'm surprised your doctor says that your thyroid make no difference to your weight loss, it seems to be a common problem. I hope the antidepressants are helping you.

    If the usual ways to lose weight are not working for you, perhaps you could look at cutting down on your carbs. Cut out food like breakfast cereals, and bread, and try to cut out foods with added sugar in.

    This is one website I find useful.

    Thyroid UK has a lot of discussion on losing weight.

    Hope you can find something that works for you.

  • Hi, imdont eat bread as I stopped about 4 minths ago and lost 9 lb without trying. I also dont eat pasta , very little potatoes and when I have cereal I have weetabix with no sugar but fruit, eg banana or blueberries

  • Havent thought about gluton sensitivity before so its something that I will look into. Thanks

  • Alternatively you could try just giving up wheat for a couple of weeks, and see if that helps with your weight and depression.

  • As I said iv stopped eating bread and dont eat processed food so not sure what else wheat is in but will look into that. Thanks

  • Excercising will help treat the depression. Excercise helps release serotonin & endorphins which the antidepressants assist with. Try not to go on too high a dose of antidepressants because they can prove tricky to come off. Well Done on losing almost half a stone. I'm just starting my diet & also have athritis/depression. Hopefully, forums like this one will help keep us motivated. Good Luck.

  • Yes im hoping that this forum will help. Speaking with people that have same symptoms and struggling with losing weight means that we are not alone. Good luck with your weightloss.

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