Vegetable crisps?

I love crisps and this week have managed to not have any which I'm really pleased about,I have seen the vegetable crisps in the shops which seem quite high in fat,I just wondered if anyone had tried making there own and if so how was it microwave or oven and for how long did they take and more importantly were they nice???

Or does anyone have any other low fat ideas they could pass on please ?


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7 Replies

  • Its fantastic that you've gone a week without crisps. I'd use this opportunity to cut out crisps altogether for good, after all if you have gone for a week without them you have shown that you don't need them. I've never tried vegetable crisps, but when I googled the term to find out what they were the pictures that came up didn't look particularly appetizing. If ordinary crisps looked like that maybe I wouldn't now be having to lose 2 1/4 stone to get to the top of my healthy weight range, as I'm sure crisps (with cheese and cheese biscuits) contributed greatly to my downfall.

  • I love vegetable crisps. We don't make them very often, and only use a little oil and some sea salt. This is one recipe.

  • Thank you so much for the recipe,they look really easy to make,what do you think is the best vegetable to use?,I'm really looking foreward to making them,they look yummy :)

  • It really is a matter of taste. Beet root was good, but you have to cut them very thin, we use a veg peeler.

    We also sometimes use courgettes, instead of potatoes, as chips, to go with fish.

  • Thanks for reply,that's a good idea,didn't think of courgettes,I suppose you could use any veg as long as it's cut thinly- I will have to invest in an oil sprayer,and think of seasonings other than salt,which I think I'm addicted to if that's possible!!!

  • Stay away from bought veggie crisps. I must admit, I love them and once the packet's open that's it I'm afraid!!! They're no better for you than potato crisps as they have just as much fat and salt. Root veggies are best to make your own and the above recipe looks good. Curly kale is amazing done like this as well but only take a short while and burns very easily. I cremated my first attempt! Can't remember the exact recipe but just look online for Kale chips. There's loads of healthy snacks online and at least if you do your own you can control fat and salt content. X.

  • Thanks for reply-good advice,trouble is you feel more virtuous eating vegetable crisps!!!,but yes they have all the fat and salt,will def try the kale :)

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