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Shifting fat not weight


I am quite happy with my weight being 10 st 12 at 5'9 (69 kilos) but I want to turn my body fat into muscles (even if that means I may get a wee bit heavier). Does anyone have a good idea on how to achieve that? I am currently at about 22% body fat and want to go down to 14% (at least that is my long term goal). As I am not really into gyms (first they are expensive and second the ones at my place are quite dodgy) I was thinking of increasing my efforts in running and swimming. Is that the way to success?

Thanks for your suggestions and help. Much appreciated.


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Have a look for HIIT exercises. There are different levels depending on how much you can manage!


There' sa website called 'leangains' about exactly this.


The NHS Couch 2 5k plan is pretty brilliant for getting you out there and burning calories. If you have trainers and something to load the podcast on, you could start today. They have a brilliant support network here on Health Unlocked.



There are 2 different processes: losing fat and gaining muscle. You can't turn fat into muscle (different tissue types).

Gaining muscle happens with weight bearing exercise. Cardio types that involve weight bearing on your legs will make your legs more muscular but not your upper body. For that you need e.g. exercise with free weights ( like dumbbells). A little more protein than if you are not doing weight bearing exercise is also helpful.

To lose fat but not weight you have to shift your food intake ratios: less carbs especially refined (sugar, flour, white grains) but replace those calories with more protein, veg and healthy carbs (e.g. from veg, legumes, some dairy and some fruit) as well as healthy fats.

And enough sleep!


Couldn't recommend Davina dvds enough! All her most recent ones are about the HIT technique and, although short, are flippin hard! good luck :)


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