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No longer obese (just overweight)

Am very pleased that my BMI this afternoon was down to 29.94 weight 14 stone 2, and was 29.97 yesterday. So am officially no longer obese and am 'merely' overweight. Last two days I have been going for a walk during breaks at work and think this really helps and will continue doing it. Had a dinner party this evening with a large meal of steak vegetables and new potatoes and fruit at the end, and know that if I want on the WiiFit now I would have tipped back into obese, however I really want to now get permanently below BMI 30 and aim for below BMI 25. Feeling more confident that I can achieve this by taking every opportunity to walk, and use the WiiFit, plus healthy eating.

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Hi, I would just like to say WELL DONE and keep going. I'm just in the obese bracket myself but also hoping to make the overweight BMI within the next couple of weeks. Hope you make your target BMI.


Well done! I made from morbid into plain old obese! Overweight here I come!


Hi Anthony42,

Congratulations on your weight loss, that's great news. Glad you're enjoying your walking as well - I think it's such great exercise.

You sound motivated and positive, and you're on your way to your next goal already.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


That's really good. Obese is such an ugly word and it is good to leave it behind, a boost to getting to your ultimate goal. And being overweight and active is less of a health risk than being overweight and inactive anyway.


Fantastic! You have done a great job! Keep that fantastic attitude and motivation going to see you through to the next level!


That is great. Well done on your achievement. I have been meaning to go out for a walk in my lunch break but never get round to it. I find that eating a salad seems to take up most of my 1/2 hour lunch, so well done on the motivation as well


well done you. That is my first goal too...my BMI is currently 30.06...so i too haven't far too go. Keep up the good work


Thanks for responses. I thiugh I might be heavier today after having a large dinner yesterday, however when I weighed myself on the WiiFit (after mowing the lawn to give myself the best chance) I had gone down to BMI 29.9 14 stone 1 pound. I had got down to below BMI 30 around February, but then started eating unhealthily and put weight back on. This time I'm determined to stick to the healthy eating and getting some exercise, even if its only going for a walk. I think the dinner I had yesterday was actually healthy as it was steak, veg, and new potatoes. The only less healthy bit was the gravy and perhaps the potatoes. I'm going to have the same for my Sunday lunch.

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Woohoo! Awesome! It's a significant milestone.

Can't wait to make a similar post - only 3.4 kg to go.


I too have gone recently from obese to overweight. We'll done you we are slowly becoming healthier and fitter 😀

Good luck with your journey and keep going


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