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Sausage sandwich for breakfast? NO THANKS!

I had to go out to the dentist today for a check up on my wisdom tooth, and normally whenever I went out I would head to my local sandwich shop and have a bacon and sausage sandwich for breakfast. And they were delicious!

But today I went out, walked straight past the shop and headed for the bus. I could smell the sandwiches and it broke my heart a little bit, but I pulled out my nutrigrain breakfast bar and started eating that.

Not as satisfying in sense of taste, but very satisfying in the sense that I overcame yet another obsticale in my bid to be healthier.


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Hi mariejanexo, Actually that, quite simply IS the way to do it.

It's about changing those eating habits, from the ones that have left you being overweight, to ones where YOU control your eating - it doesn't control you!

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It's so hard but I will keep telling myself that, I control my eating, the food does not control me!!

How is your weight loss going? xx


What a star you are! Yes, I have to agree with returner, it is the only way to do it. You have to be able to say "no" to old eating habits. There's a local tart here in Lisbon called Pastel da Nata and it is rich and so high in calories and yesterday I had walk past the shop that bakes them, but walk I did! I think we must be made of strong stuff! Hope the fruits and veggies are going well. What did you think of the strawberries???

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Well done on walking past! Was it hard for you? Because it certainly was for me! I've started eating more peas and sweetcorn, and I've been eating bananas and apples quite regularly. The strawberries are something I don't know if I'll get used to without all the sugar because to me they are so darn sour! I don't like sour things, but it may just be where I'm buying them from. (my local market) maybe they taste different in different shops? xx


I can't deny that it was easy, but I guess you just think of the pounds you've lost and don't want to put them on again! I don't particularly like sour things either, but what about a sugar substitute liquid just to flick a little over them as a marinade type thing for 20 minutes or so? (I have never used it, but seen it in the supermarket). Or maybe a low calorie strawberry yoghurt (Just half a pot) to use instead of a cream substitute. I think you're marvellous for having tried so many new food items in the name of weight loss! Carry on with the good work.


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