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Well 20yrs too late!!

It's my 45th birthday today, I'm a size 20/22 I weigh 227kg, have MS, an underactive thyroid, clinical depression and water retention. I'm awaiting reconstruction surgery on my Achilles tendon due to an accident and so mobility is restricted!

I am going out for a meal this evening which I shall enjoy as I see this as my last carefree day of eating! Luckily I do enjoy veg and fruit and I'm a vegetarian. I'm also joining the leisure centre and am hoping to mainly use the pool to get fit. I could really do with lots of support and encouragement and hope I've come to the right place to both receive and give support. =) x

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Hi vagabond Happy birthday! and congratulations on joining this site - you will find plenty of support here no matter what your problem, and plenty who will celebrate each little success as well. Have you signed up for the NHS 12 week plan? It is full of good ideas and gives support for your healthy eating plan. You are off to a good start with your plans for exercise - swimming is a great mood enhancer as well as an excellent way to burn calories and overall tone your body. Look forward to your progress reports.


Thank you walkthisway, that is a very encouraging message. I shall sign up for the 12 week plan. I'm off to a good start as my partner is a very healthy eater which encourages me to do the same. =)


Hi hope you had a great birthday, surely you meant 227 lbs not kgs!! I've had deppression and I suffer with AF, I'm also a size 20/22. I'm determined to do something about it and I'm going to join the local gym, I'm not a very active person but I'll give it a go, (I'm 58 years young so maybe I've left it a bit late, still we'll see). All the best.



I'm 45,too. I'm now 110 kg, and a size 20/22. I can see you have a few challenges to overcome, but I bet you will feel a lot better as you lose weight. Even my first half stone made my knees feel better- think about the relief when you put down a heavy bag. I've lost a stone so far and feel taller!

Have you looked into a low carb diet? It can be done vegetarian. I mention it because it helps with water retention. British diabetic assoc, among others, now recommend it.

Good luck!


I have an under active thyroid too. It did make the weight pile on. However, I made the decision to lose weight. I need to lose about 4 stone. I have found the NHS 12 week plan helpful. I am on my fifth week and I have lost 5.5kg which has really surprised me. I too have been fairly immobile as I am recovering from a broken ankle. Wishing you every success and look forward to hearing how you get on.


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