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So today is a very "mucky" day in Lisbon but need to go out and walk. What to wear? Okay, jeans are good as I can't wear sandals because it's heaving it down. I haven't worn jeans since March and started the weight loss programme at the end of May and just didn't think that my size 24's wouldn't be suitable at all now. I laughed so much when I walked into the bedroom as they fell down and looked horrendous. In the bin they went. I eventually found a pair of size 20 that I had bought a couple of years back and never worn (I wonder why!) and although they will do with a belt, I am obviously a size 18 at this moment in time and so over the moon. To all you newbies who are struggling or doubting yourself, you really and truly can do it you know and it is such a wonderful feeling of achievement. Don't give up and reach for your dreams and keep posting with your progress. Good luck everyone (and yeeha!)

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Congratulations! So many sizes down, what a dream come true.

I have to keep believing that one day I too will wear a smaller size.

Enjoy Lisbon - drink it all in, rain or no rain.


Thank you Zenette. Still working on that dream, a way to go yet but not letting go for a moment. There hasn't been a week that I haven't lost and I am just so determined. Going back to the UK for ten days next week so hoping that friends and family will notice. Of course you will wear a smaller size, you are already heading in that direction. Well done and keep at it. Good luck X


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