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Diet buddy


I have only just started on my healthy eating journey,and have already had some good ideas from a few members

I am 58 years old and weigh 10 st 13 lb,and need to lose 2stone

Everyone I know and work with are all ideal weights,and look great in there clothes,I feel I look like a real frump,only being able to fit in one pair of elasticated jeans,even though I've got another 6 pairs sitting in the wardrobe,and I wear the same baggy t shirts to try and hide the rolls of fat around my middle and back,rather than the lovely tops sitting waiting to be worn hanging in my wardrobe!

I am fed up ,but positive to have made a start

And I would like to have a diet buddy in the same boat to help me through the journey-please

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Cinnamon-girl, we are all your diet buddies here because we are all in the same boat! Some of us have many stones to lose and some just have pounds, but we all support each other. What diet are you going to be following? Have you been to the NHS 12 week diet plan? Do you use fitness pal? Don't forget the exercise. The NHS couch to 5k is also good. Have a look at these things and decide what is best for you BUT we are all here for you. Good luck.


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