Lunchtimes- help please!


I joined quite a while ago and have just really got my head around to actually make a proper start at trying to lose weight and do my utmost to be a lot healthier than I am now.

I am only 5ft tall and weigh 11 stone,and feel horrible as I feel so unhealthy and have got some lovely clothes in my wardrobe that I cannot fit into and end up wearing the same pair of elasticated waist jeans ( awful),as they are the only ones that fit.i have decided that enough is enough and want to really do it now.

The problem that I think I am going to have is that I finish work at 12 and want to break the habit of sandwich and packet of (low fat),crisps when I get in and then sit down still hungery and then tend to pick all afternoon!!!!, I know I shouldn't but I seem to eat and not know why on earth I am doing it,so I want some ideas that I could have for lunch that would be healthy and stop me picking!!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,as it makes me feel so rubbish about myself when I eat this rubbish!


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  • Hi Cinnamon-Girl,

    Do you like salads? You could maybe make a delicious salad from lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, and have that with either chicken; tuna; prawns; or sardines? Not sure if you eat fish and meat or not. Or how about a wholemeal pasta dish - you could mix the pasta with salad and a protein (again chicken; tuna; prawns for example).

    Or how about a baked sweet potato or jacket potato with a healthy filling - some tuna or chicken or prawns (I know I'm being repetitive there).

    I had a jacket potato with some butter and a bit of cheese for my lunch today, along with a tomato, and I found that filling and satisfying. Tomorrow I am planning to have a chicken salad.

    Hope you have a good week. Hope those suggestions are helpful.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for replying,yes baked potatoe sounds good,I never thought about a baked sweet potatoe,can you microwave them?sounds like it would be nice and healthy,I don't eat meat but eat fish,so something like sardines might be good too ,I was wondering whether to make a lunch like a packed lunch sometimes,so I only ate what was in it -what do you think?

  • I think it sounds like a good idea. I have a Tupperware of carrot, pepper, celery sticks and snack on those

  • Sounds good also-I think I would have to make up quite a lot,and maybe have it with some sort of low fat dressing,the only trouble is I am so used to eating bread!!!! Really got to get out thinking about bread as I'm thinking now that it might be habit!!!

  • bread is ok if you change to brown is better for you, need carbs hun don't think you cant eat some foods you can eat most things just try to get maybe low fat like get hellmans mayo but the lightest 1 its really nice you can spread on a sandwich and have ham salad or ham on its own even beef just check your calories it amazing how you can lower the calories by just choosing the low fat versions of things

  • Thanks for your reply,yes I think i will have bread but not so much and not everyday,maybe one slice with more filling,and that's a good idea about low fat mayo,will def try that,I went shopping today and found some warburton thins so maybe might see what they taste like with lots of healthy filling,now and again would be better than everyday for me,as I'm sure I'm just a little bit addicted to bread!!!

  • Hi Cinnamon-Girl,

    Yes, you can microwave sweet potato. Sardines are easy as you can buy the tinned variety, and there are also options of mackerel too.

    I think your idea of doing a packed lunch sounds really good. You're limiting your portion that way. Maybe put an apple and/or a banana in so you can eat a portion of fruit as well?

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for that-Will definitely try the sweet potatoe,as I think they are so tasty with lots of pepper,and yes mackerel tinned is also very tasty-wil make a nice light lunch with some salad!!

  • Hi Cinnamon-Girl

    I have had quite a problem with lunches too - finding something that fills me up and keeps me going all afternoon. I also used to do the sandwich and crisp thing - that is a hard habit to break. I spent sometime googling low cal or low fat lunch ideas but didn't fancy any of them. I now make a plan for the week on a Sunday and try to avoid bread completely, as it uses a lot of calories and I never feel very full for long when I have eaten it. It is also boring. Now I have lovely salads with protein of egg, chicken or ham, homemade bean soups (very simple, tinned tomatoes and mixed salad beans, fresh veg - onions, carrots, celery and seasoning) with a dollop of cottage cheese - delicious and satisfying, leftovers from dinner the night before, cold chicken and roast veg, chile and a baked potato. If you have time on your hands plan activities so you don't sit thinking about food. Use it to find and try out healthy new recipes, plan shopping lists so you always have the ingredients, drink plenty of water and excercise - do extra housework, read. I have just finished the 12 week plan and lost nearly a stone. it has been tough but the rewards are amazing. I feel and look better, my clothes fit me, some are actually too big. I have another 2 stone to go but am determined I will get there no matter how hard and how long it takes and will never go back to my old ways and weight. I am sure you will be successful - good luck and look forward to reading about your progress.

  • Thanks for reply-do you just add beans and veg to a tin of tomatoes ?,and what seasonings would you use?

    Yes planning a shopping list and sticking to it would be a good idea,as I do tend to look at and buy all the offers and end up spending twice as much!!!

  • Here is a link to the recipe I used - I just adapted it to my own taste I use mixed bean salad instead of borlotti beans because they are more interesting. All the ingredients are really cheap. You can make enough for 3 or 4 lunches and freeze. Good luck and enjoy!!!

  • Thanks!-will definitely try this..

  • I like hummus with carrots, celery & cucumber. Home made is cheaper & you can make it with less oil. For a quick standby Baxters do microwave bean pots called 'deli inspired'. Soup is also a mainstay for me as well and I often use it as a hunger 'filler'.

    Good luck with your journey.

  • Yes thanks for that- I never thought about hummus-something else to try to stop me eating too much

    I must say everyone is really lovely replying with ideas,and I am really grateful to all of you for different ideas. :). THANK YOU !

  • i like a nice low calorie soup and a small bread roll. if i still want something after (usually something sweet) i will have a piece of fruit or a fat free yogurt!

    i finish work at 2pm so i used to come home and collapse on the sofa and pig out.. so i started trying to do my work out after work whilst i still had the adrenaline from work! it keeps you busy for longer and your burning calories rather than putting them on!

  • Yes good idea-I think I will also get my pedometer out and start again trying to get to 10,000 steps.

  • welcome to my world lol im 4ft 10 and was 11 stone /70 kgs when my doc weighed me on the 26th of aug and I did the same picked at rubbish instead of having a proper meal .I have swapped white bread for brown bread full fat milk for semi skimmed then skimmed and made sure I had fruit in the house I found blueberries are great grab a handful their small and very tasty you can sit and eat them slowly 1 at a time so you feel like ur snacking but on good things I also like fresh pineapple chop 1 up and keep in fridge in a airtight container when you feel like ur gonna grab that bag of crisps get fruit instead I have found that im actually eating a proper meal even if its just a sandwich, use low fat mayo if you like it and spread on bread instead of yukky marg or butter I weighed myself yesterday was 67kgs its starting to work just little changes hae really worked for me ,I hope this helps good luck

  • Thanks for reply-you sound just like me !!!!

    The blueberries sound good,eating them one at a time!

    Have just come back from shopping and for the first time ever have not bought any crisps.........!!!!!,I might try to make some vegetable crisps myself if I can find a recipe,or maybe it's best just to try not to eat anything associated with crisps ,I'm not sure,will have to get my head around that one ,ha ha

    Still as you say little changes.....

    And you have done so well already!- well done,there's hope for me then ;)

  • glad I could help if I find any other tips will let you know good luck

  • Hi

    I know it's a little late as you posted this a year ago but this is a good recipe for vegetable crisps. The vegetable in it are also high in soluble fibre so they fill you up more than potato crisps will.

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