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1 stone reached

Am really pleased to report I am now into week 7 of my healthy eating and have made the 1 stone mark. I have also lost 9.1/2" from my waist and my jeans are falling down without undoing them which is great.....really.

This week I start aqua aerobics for the over 50's which will be good exercise for me due to my disability have no balance.

Good luck to everyone for next week.

I am away this weekend so hope to still try and stay within my calorie allowance.

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Well done Christine that's a fantastic steady weight loss. How many calories per day do you do if you don't mind me asking . First day on the plan for me xxv


Hi, I do try very hard to keep between 1,200 and 1,300 calories a day, but as I am a diabetic I occasionally go over as if my blood sugars drop I have to have lucozade, but have never gone over 1,500.

Good luck with your plan x


Welldone did you ristrict your calorie even further than advised


Well done. It is such an incentive when you feel so much better and aquafit is great fun.


Well done. Enjoy your weekend, eating in moderation will keep your weight in check...:)


Wow! That's amazing well done- I too have a physical disability and cannot exercise - I have a big stomach and skinny arms and legs how did u get rid of your belly fat? It's so depressing looking 8 months pregnant all the time - Take Care X


Hi, I still have some belly fat believe me, but I have cut out all bread as I just love it and it was making me so bloated. Eating more veg and fruit so going to the loo more regularly. Just basic healthly eating and a little bit of exercise.

I have started aqua aerobics this week so you may be able to do this and all swimming pools are very good with disabled people. They even offered me a hoist!!

Good luck xx


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