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Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

Well here I go again mor determined than ever. I have started as I mean to go on and had a 45 min walk a healthy brekfast

and lunch. I then saw the bit that says "measure your waist" so I popped next door to borrow another tape measure to add to mine"................joking. Well all I can say is that tape measures inches are smaller than they used to be!!!! Anyway day one for a lot of us. Good luck to us all and I hope yo meet some like minded people on here x

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You an me both, day one for me too just completed my first log ( again including weigh and measurements)

So pleased Im determined as I am and feel these sites and the extra tips will boost my confidence in successfully doing this diet.

What I find best is the slow steady results that are achievable and are more likely to stay off.

Keep it up .....


Ha ha, I like your perception of tape measures. I have noticed that the laundry detergent I am using shrinks my clothes!

Good luck - my new life is also starting. It is good to know that it is never too late.

One day we will both look back at this first day with a feeling of accomplishment.


Go for it :-)


Hi Guys thanks for the replies. I really need some inspiration. Been okay up to now, I really intend to stick to it this time. Hope you guys are pn target today. Speak soon Trish x


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