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Medical and fitness test

I have a medical and fitness assessment next week for a job i have recently been offered.

I have no idea what to expect so if someone has been to one before and could shed any light i'd be grateful! Especially for the fitness side of things

I have the following information, of which some is obvious of what will happen:

•Height, weight and BMI

•Visual test using a chart

•Neurological test – eyes, reflexes, coordination

•Checking of limbs and back movement

•Blood pressure

•Urine sample to check for diabetes

•Spirometry (lung function test)

•Listening to the heart and lungs

•Abdominal examination (feeling the stomach)

•Hearing test

•General mobility

•Ability to lift / carry / push and pull

•Physical fitness

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I couldn't be sure, but I think bleep tests are fairly common. There are two point sir posts set a certain distance apart, you have to run between them before the bleep goes, the bleeping gets faster so you have to keep speeding up.


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