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So week 3 is complete

So far I have lost 9 pounds dropping me below 17st. Still a long way to go, but I'm surprised that its been working so well. Was a bit worried about this week as I managed to come down with a nasty cold which meant I only did 1 run in the last week.

Seems to be working well. I am surprised really as my work load is going crazy and I find it much more prone to comfort eat when stressed.

Hopefully I can keep this up despite my PhD increasing my stress levels.

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9 pounds is amazing keep up the good work


Well done you! 9lbs is really good. You can do it, keep on pesevering, you'll get there :)


Well done, to lose weight during high-stress times.

I have a lot of stress too, but I think the root of my weight problem is just bad habits rather than the stress.

Good luck with the studies - running is a good stress reliever!

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Well done, keep up the good work.


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