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hi everyone im new. I hope to get lots of advice and support in the weeks to come and be able to give advice and support as well. I have mobility issues and hope some of you have same problems with limited exercise and can give me tips and ideas to help me boost my metabolism. I have a condition called fibromyalgia which is the cause of my mobility issues so and tips would be great thanks

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I hope you find the support you are looking for, even gentle exercise such as walking can help, joining the forum will be great as I'm sure you'll find people with similar issues to you. Good luck!


If you get muscle stiffness as a symtom it's going to be important that you stretch well when cooling down, and dynamic stretching when warming up. According to nhs exercise can help y reduce the pain you feel. I'd advise to just go easy at first so your body can get used to working out abit, so light weights or light cardio. If it all hurts and therefore you have short amount of time you can do it...I would say to do big multiple muscle movements like rowing, eliptical, swimming could help your joints better and you may find it abit easier on your pain. It appears sensitive to pain and muscle stiffness is the condition? Correct me if I'm wrong though. Other than that following a normal exercise program with the usual good stuff should be able to take your far...just be smart and listen to your body. Try to focus on what muscle pain is coz that's the good one :)


thank you for you reply fibromyalgia can cause pain in different ways muscles as well as joints my stiffness is from the arthritis the pain I get from the fibromyalgia is like stabbing pains and severe aching to my muscles at any time regardless of what I am doing at the time .I have tried to exercise but is too painful on my lower joints so I am going to try swimming fingers crossed it will help with pain and help me lose weight ,sadly fibromyalgia does not respond to normal pain killers and many other illnesses can occur along side it for.IBS headaches circulation problems sinus problems its a nightmare and their is little that can be done you just have to learn how to manage it


Hi Joanne

Do you know if you have any food triggers for your fibromyalgia? Artificial sweeteners seem to be a trigger for some people, gluten and yeast can also cause problems. I have an autoimmune disorder that has to be managed by eliminating gluten, but I don't eat the supermarket ready made 'gluten free' products. Cutting out gluten may be effective for other autoimmune disorders, for some people.

I have found some useful advice on this link


I do Pilates exercises, with a registered instructor, which have helped with strength and flexibility. Something like aquafit might be suitable for you.


hi penel thank you for replying to me ,I have pain all the time from the muscles as well as joints but stress is a big factor for my fibromyalgia the last bad flair up I ended up at A&E I couldn't move my lower back was so painful so I have to try not to get too upset or stressed out which isn't easy. Food doesn't seem to be a problem the arthritis is just ware and tear as the docs say, have tried exercise but is too painful on my poor joints ,I am going to try swimming and see if it helps take some of the pressure from my lower joints Ii will check out the link you sent me and see if it has any tips for me

thanks again joanne


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