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No weight loss

I am on 150mg of Levo and 20mcg of T3. I exercise 6 hrs per week doing various classes at the gym such as body attack, body combat and circuits as well as swimming and regular gym. I am on a calorie controlled diet of 1200 calories. Over the last 4 months I put on 5 pounds and can't shift it. I am feeling very frustrated and disheartened that all my efforts are for nothing! Do others have similar struggles? I booked an appt with my GP to review my meds. I am 47 and perimenapausal. Look forward to your replies.

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Just eating 1200 calories you'd think you'd lose weight but it doesn't happen because your body hangs on to those calories.

I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet - this little video explains it very well

and it's extremely effective. Also exercising in a fasted state means that you burn fat.


What you eat is just as important as how many calories you eat. I need to keep my carbs fairly low and avoid processed carbs/sugar.

Hope your doctor will be of some help.

Perhaps this link may be of some help to you.



Maybe you are building muscle, maybe you have allowed portion sizes to creep up - don't know but maybe you could measure yourself instead of weighing as that would help to indicate whether you are getting bigger or firmer.


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