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week 2 going well but hard work

week 2 is nearly over and 3 lbs lost which is great. I'm really having to cut back to under 1400 though and do some exercise to loose any weight. Portion control and weighing my food religiously seem to be working.

Exercise is a big one for me as I pretty much hate things like the gym but I have signed up for two classes , aerobics and Zumba for the over 50's but they don't start until September so I do some exercise with the wii such as Zumba Fit which I enjoy and works up a sweat.

A family tragedy was the catalyst that got me back onto comfort eating and 2 stones pilled on, now we're coming up to the anniversary and the temptation to eat is almost overwhelming. Among other coping mechanisms I go to the posts on here and get a lot of inspiration from them particularly from the people like myself.

Onwards and upwards

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You're setting yourself up for a fall if you continue to cut back and exercise more. Consider the balance of your meals. It's great that you are getting an appreciation of portion size. How much of your 1400kcal is carbohydrate? Do you know which foods stimulate insulin? Are you having a palm-size of protein at each meal?

One week of every month try upping your intake a little, not so much that you gain weight, so that your body doesn't get used to being on such a low intake and start to attempt to slow your metabolism.

Above all, what you eat should be enjoyable so you want to stay with it, not go back to old habits and regain the weight.


Thanks for the concern, about 1/4 of my calories are carbs and yes certainly enough protein. I've signed up for weight clinic at my local surgery and take my food diary with me ( week 2 there as well ). The nurse has OK'ed what I eat but is keeping an eye on it. We think that once my metabolism gets going a bit more I shall be able to add some calories eventually getting back up to 1400. The exercise is 30 minutes per day but when classes start I expect to expend more energy and will review my intake as I go. I'm aiming for a 1pound loss per week.

I like the idea of having a bit of a splurge once each month.

I like highyly flavoured food so yes I do eat what I enjoy.


Too much protein is not good either; it is easily turned to glucose with side products like urea and ammonia.

Are any of your carbs from beans, yoghurt, potatoes, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, wholemeal or white bread, rice, etc?

How much fat do you eat?


If your female then a 600 calorie cut isn't too bad if yr male then I would up your calorie intake to about 16-1700. Congrats on your current weight loss and I'm very sorry to hear about your Situation. Without support I know all about burying your head in the sand hoping that tomorrow makes it go away. But with support you realise getting outside and visiting wonderful places can help ease. A walk/run in the park, visiting gardens, museums, zoos, volunteering the world is a pretty messed up place but there I are a tonne of good people still left in it so I would say try to find a pleasant way to release whatever you have inside you rather than comfort eating at night. Easy said that done I'm sure but we all need someone to pick you up and say keep going. Portion control and weighing yur food is key to maintaining or losing a bit of weight. If you want the fastest way to lose weight then add it that exercise 3times a week I know the best way to do it,but if Zumba and aerobics especially in a group that can support you it will be fantastic over time and you will see results. Good luck.


yep I'm female and thanks for the message. I agree with what you said and it is very easy to feel what's the point when you are coping with loss but my daughter and I started a charity and even though she has died I need to get back on with running that in her name.

I think that once classes start again it will be easier to share the support which is as much about giving as it is receiving isn't it.

Many thanks for your encouragement


Really sorry to hear about your loss, no1 should have to lose a child before them. Try and get stuck into that charity especially in her name that's a fantastic way to not only get ur mind off it but do good too...I hear a group 5k fund raiser coming on... ;)

Iv lost all my nans, and a best friend aged 14 to meningitis. Everyone cried at his assembly at school, and although I fought like hell not to...me and only one other guy was smiling...because everyone else was mourning in their way, we mourned in ours. The people that didn't really know him cried because it's upsetting, whereas I was smiling coz all the funny things he did, the fantastic memories I had, and I was smiling because i, me was lucky enough in my lifetime to have somebody like that to be a part of mine. Iv never shed a tear over Ben, but he continues to this day to make me smile as I know I am a better guy for knowing him during my childhood. He would want to make me smile not cry. I'm sure a daughter is completely different but I just wanted to show you my experience of coping with severe loss. After all she would have wanted the very best for you to be fit healthy and most importantly happy.

Was going to end it there, but I have to ask....kinda interested to hear about your charity :) takes a special kind of person to be able to run them.


Thanks' for sharing your experience. Yes I miss my girl terribly there's not a day goes by when I don't miss chatting to her, sharing a joke or just putting the world to rights. She would indeed be supporting me in every step of getting more healthy.

Ours is a tiny charity that provides packs of goodies to people having chemotherapy. The packs contain the things that my daughter found helpful when she had side effects to her treatment , things like anti sickness bands , intensive skin creams, green tea, a turbie, soft toothbrush and sensitive toothpaste, hand sanitizers plus any other goodies that might be helpful and that I've scrounged. We/I do about 300 per month for local hospitals and yes it is very rewarding even if my house is like a warehouse. We used to have great pack-packing parties and I really must get back to doing that only with other people

Like your friend my girl was a remarkable young woman and it helps to remind me to keep in mind the positives.

Many thanks


Your very welcome, and I think you could be someone good to know. My dissertation is on breath holding, the causes of stopping holding your breath and pressure on airplanes. I mention this because the lecturer of this module and dissertation in sept is doing it because he works with breast cancer patients and is very high in his field. If we can teach people to hold their breath during radiation then less damage can be done to healthy tissue and we could then increase concentrated areas. Breathing makes it very difficult due to raising of the chest so I think it's going to be an exciting dissertation...I REALLY am hoping I can get involved with his cancer patients or even part of the studies. Will be looking out for your charity ;)


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